breast cancer

‘Cancer I could deal with. Losing my breast I could not.’

Joanna Moorhead

For those with breast cancer, a mastectomy may seem like the best option. But Joanna Moorhead is glad she chose less extensive surgery.

Male breast cancer stays hidden

Ina Skosana

When Thami Mabuza found a lump in his chest, he never could have imagined it was breast cancer.

Are South African men more at risk of breast cancer?

Male breast cancer is the same as female breast cancer and men should be checking for lumps as well.

Cancer and heart disease: Can alcohol help you or hurt you?

Charles Parry

Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.

Breasts: Five things to know about them and their care

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Did you know? Good care is out there in public and private hospitals, but check your medical aid