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How good is your province at curing the most drug resistant TB?

South Africa’s tuberculosis (TB) tracking data is far from complete but we’ve compiled an interactive map to show how well each province fared at curing the most drug-resistant form of TB (according to the best available data).
From Johannesburg to Mahikeng

How the health department bends the law to gag health workers – report

Follow the launch of a report of the Campaign for Free Expression that delves into the importance of freedom of speech for health workers to curb the collapse of South Africa’s public health system.

‘She has let go of the past’: In Peru, dance eases the pain of...

The Shining Path insurgents in the 80s and 90s led a trail of destruction through the lives of indigenous Peruvians. Now, women are using dance to heal the trauma.

Teenagers are sent to these camps to purge ‘The West’. They leave bruised and...

“Dhaqan celis” was a term used by Somalis that used to mean the practice of going back home to stay with relatives and learn more about your culture. But it’s taken on a whole new – much darker – meaning. Read more on this practice.

Bad habits: How the government can help you quit smoking — but isn’t

South Africa’s anti-smoking policies rely on increased sin taxes to cut smoking rates in the country. Experts say this is no longer enough, but people who use government facilities have very few other tools available to help them stop.

Sewage & DIY antiseptics: A year at Rahima Moosa with SA’s health watchdog

The health ombudsman, Malegapuru Makgoba released findings on complaints with regards Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Why SA’s cancer activists are stuck in an endless loop

There’s no sign that South Africa’s intellectual property laws will change anytime soon, public health experts say. That means pharmaceutical companies will keep abusing the country’s weak system — and keep the profits rolling in.

What ChatGPT won’t tell you about Tlaleng Mofokeng

Get to know sexual and reproductive rights activist and doctor Tlaleng Mofokeng with our reporter Sean Christie.

Will a shake-up in sports science change SA rugby?

A plagiarism scandal has rocked the sports world and cast fresh doubt over the influence of the industry in research on head injuries. It also stirred up old allegations that sporting bodies have underplayed the risk of an incurable disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

‘I would lie and listen to my pain’: The multitasking mavericks fighting for a...

Morphine was first introduced to Uganda 30 years ago, but as the burden of cancer increases, thousands of people still lack access to even basic treatment for pain relief.

Safe, not seedy: How sex work changed after two decades of decrim in New...

In South Africa, 70% of female sex workers in a countrywide survey conducted in 2019 said they’d experienced violence from clients in the previous year. Find out how things change when sex work isn’t illegal from workers in New Zealand.

Why SA supermarkets should slash the price of these 10 foods by a fifth

The food industry will get a tax break to ease the effects of loadshedding on the cost of groceries. But there’s more that the industry can do to keep a basic basket of foods affordable, writes the head of the DG Murray Trust, David Harrison.

#SliceofLife: I uncovered a child sex trafficking ring in my grade one class

When a primary school teacher in the Western Cape suspected that one of her pupils was being sexually abused, she did everything she could to help. Here’s what happened next.

Job rights, better healthcare and taxes: What life could look like for SA sex...

The justice department is currently reviewing comments from activists, academics and civil society on a proposed new law to decriminalise sex work. They will then ask the cabinet to take it to parliament before it can become law. Mia Malan interviews Deputy Justice Minister, John Jeffery, and United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, Tlaleng Mofokeng, about what's next for sex workers.

Bloody politics: Meet the politician who plans to end period poverty

Gloria Orwoba, a Kenyan politician, is on a mission to end period poverty in that country, where government statistics show over half of women cannot afford products such as pads. Orwoba is pushing for them to get free sanitary products.

#Budget2023: Peer inside the health sector’s purse

There will be no increase in the tax on sugary drinks until 2025, the Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced during his budget speech on Wednesday.