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If the price is right: The anti-HIV jab could be in clinics by August...

South Africa’s medicines regulator will announce a decision on the approval of a two-monthly HIV prevention jab within days. If the shot is approved, the health department could start rolling it out on a large scale within nine months — but that depends on the injection’s price.

Why these health workers are spending their lives in South Africa’s poorest villages

Rural hospitals and clinics struggle to attract or retain senior healthcare professionals. Health workers who grew up in rural towns can plug the gap as they are more likely to work at facilities in far-flung places than their urban counterparts.

Good, bad & ugly: How SA’s fight against GBV & femicide is going

Between April 2020 and September 2022, 988 women were killed by their intimate partners, police data shows. In about the same time, the government achieved just 1 in 5 of the targets in its action plan to fight gender-based violence and femicide.

What’s pleasure got to do with sex ed? This project shows it can increase...

The International Planned Parenthood Federation’s digital campaign Treasure Your Pleasure is using an evidence-based sex-positive approach to educate young Africans about safe sex.

‘Today I’m a nurse, a cleaner, a clerk & a plumber’: Step inside Africa’s...

Doctors at Africa’s biggest hospital were left scrambling on Tuesday when they had to work without nurses, admin clerks or service staff. Find out how it played out at Chris Hani Baragwanath.

Go inside SA’s biggest hospital during a national strike

Bhekisisa health reporter Jesse Copelyn is inside Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, where nurses have downed tools as part of a national strike – the third labour action for 2022.

You could be buying poisonous lead paint – and no one would be charged...

The government is investing in monitoring lead levels in paint, but experts and industry groups say that there’s no plan for dealing with offenders.

‘They will buy me a meal for my children’: Why SA women turned to...

Many women in South Africa resorted to sex work in order to survive the COVID recession. Male “blessers” were happy to pay, contributing to the spread of HIV.

‘I missed a dose for the first time’: How the KZN floods derailed HIV...

The April 2022 floods in KwaZulu-Natal, left Mfundo Shezi without HIV treatment for two weeks. He had no way of getting more because the centre he frequents was closed for two weeks – and his ID book was washed away.

Out of ‘T’ and out of hope – SA’s trans men face year 2...

A stockout of the version of testosterone (made by Pfizer) used by state facilities and nonprofits is entering its second year. It’s left transgender men in South Africa, who use the hormone as part of gender-affirming treatment, with few options. Find out what lengths they’re forced to go to get the medicine.

What happened to HIV activist Zackie Achmat?

Zackie Achmat was one of the most vociferous voices against former president Thabo Mbeki’s HIV denialism in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He now lives in downtown Cape Town and fights state capture — and broken trains.

3 ways COVID sped up SA’s medicine approvals process — and how it can...

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) was forced to speed up its review of new medicines such as vaccines, while still ensuring that they were safe and effective.

Bhekisisa gets a merit award for COVID reporting

Our team has received a fifth national award for our COVID reporting, this time from the National Press Club for “fearlessly reporting the facts and science” of the pandemic.

Paediatric-Adolescent-Treatment Africa’s plan to end Aids in children once and for all

As part of a new global alliance launched by UNAids, Unicef and the WHO to end Aids in children, the Paediatric-Adolescent-Treatment Africa (PATA) 2022...

Don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer: The plan to stop SA’s fake...

The Special Investigating Unit has a year to track down dodgy lawyers and patients who file fake medical negligence claims. Plus, a new draft bill proposes that the state pay less for negligence.

Life Esidimeni should have fast-tracked – not frozen – SA’s mental health plans

The Life Esidimeni tragedy was the worst possible outcome for a move away from psychiatric care, but well-managed community-based mental health care is still a proven way to treat people’s mental illnesses with dignity.