Advertising and newsletters

Did you know that Bhekisisa reaches a target group of healthcare workers,  policymakers, academics and activists each week through its website, social medianewsletters and podcasts?

About 70% of our online users live in South Africa, 11% in the United States and just over 2% are from the UK. The rest of our readership mostly comes from Nigeria, Germany, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Canada, Australia, Zambia and Namibia.

Bhekisisa offers targeted advertising in its increasingly popular personalised newsletters, which are produced two to three times a week. The subscription rate for these newsletters doubled over the past year and subscribers are from our target audience. The centre also offers sponsored social media posts and assistance with creating impactful posts.

Additionally, Bhekisisa hosts public discussion forums on health and social justice policy issues. In partnership with donors and sponsors, the centre’s staff conceptualises such forums, handles all logistics and, most importantly, ensures that the audience consists of key role players in the relevant focus area.

Lastly, the centre offers event moderation, media training for healthcare workers, academics, activists and policymakers and it works with social justice organisations to equip journalists with the skills and knowledge to produce powerful stories on policy issues.

Interested in advertising on a Bhekisisa forum? Want to sponsor a Bhekisisa event? Contact the centre on [email protected] for a price list and more details about advertising and partnership options.