Our partners

We publish our content on our website, but also syndicate it to mainstream news publications in South Africa. More than that, we work with other media organisations to co-produce stories, especially when their and our expertise complement each other. Want to find out why our partners work with us? We’ve interviewed them for short videos.


We started our partnership with the Financial Mail three years ago during the Covid pandemic. And our relationship has gone from strength to strength since then. Here, editor-in-chief, Rob Rose, and feature's editor, Shirley De Villiers, explain why they keep Bhekisisa on their pages.

Mail &Guardian

The M&G is our mothership. Bhekisisa started off as the publication’s health desk in 2013. In July 2019, we became an independent outfit — but still provided them with health content. The M&G’s deputy editor, Athandiwe Saba, says her publication continues to publish our content because we’re a trusted source and our stories hugely contribute towards upholding South Africa’s democracy. This video was recorded in November 2022. The M&G's deputy editor Athandiwe Saba has since moved on. She is now the managing editor at Code for Africa's iLAB.


Media Hack is an influential data journalism organisation and during the COVID pandemic we started a data dashboard together, which became South Africa’s main news source for easy-to-understand COVID numbers. But our relationship didn’t stop with the pandemic. We’ve since also co-produced a map of femicide in South Africa and we track HIV prevention data together.