Republication guidelines

You are welcome to republish stories generated by Bhekisisa for commercial and non-commercial purposes, and articles and videos are generally available CC BY-SA 4.0. Where commercial publications publish our stories, articles, videos and podcasts must be made available free of charge on their platform. (This means our content cannot be placed behind paywalls.) For print publications which are sold commercially, our stories can be used, but publishers cannot charge any additional fee for the inclusion of our stories to consumers. We sometimes buy photos from commercial services that do not allow for them to be reused, so please check the provenance of images (which we indicate in their captions) and verify whether or not you have the right to use them. If unsure please email [email protected] with a clear subject line that includes the original headline of the story from our website. You can only use Bhekisisa pictures for the Bhekisisa story that you are republishing, in other words, you cannot reuse them for other stories of your publication.  When using our stories, you must give appropriate credit to Bhekisisa and the author, and provide a link to the original story on the Bhekisisa website. Sign up as a syndication partner here. Other terms and conditions of using our content include:

  • In the case of television stories, you need to obtain written permission from Bhekisisa, as we have a contract with a broadcaster in South Africa, that requires us to do this for any rebroadcasts.
  • We track analytics of syndicated stories with an embed code. This code should be embedded as a custom HTML block in the article and it will be invisible on the front end of the page. We can then track page views based on the embed code.
  • If published online, we will require monthly Google Analytics numbers for the pieces you republish for our monthly donor reports. Why do we ask you for these numbers if you’ve already embedded a tracking code? It’s because the embedded tracking code enables us to keep track of when our stories have been published. But we have found that because of certain security measures on websites, pageviews are usually under-reported which is why we ask to use your Google Analytics to give us a clearer measure of actual stats per story.
  • Once you’ve published, please provide us with a link to the story.
  • You may alter headlines or captions in stories but the change should not alter the meaning of the article but rather just be done to match your publication’s style. You may, however, not edit any of the content of the article or omit parts of it.
  • We provide suggested social media copy to our syndication partners so that you can easily promote it on your social platforms. If you’d like to request this copy, please email [email protected].

A short video that explains how this text should be inserted on the backend of your website, can be viewed here.


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You need to attach the Bhekisisa logo on the page where our content is used. This will come attached in emails if you sign up as a syndication partner. However the hi-res image is also available for download here.