A pandemic without an end: How systemic racism is hampering vaccine...

COVID vaccine roll-outs are missing communities of colour. This has been linked to distrust in health services among minority groups due to historical abuse. But that further victimises these communities. Here’s why racism continues to pervade the health system and breed mistrust.

COVID-19 vaccinations: How are the provinces doing?

South Africa’s vaccine rollout is going – slowly. Nationally, only 3% of eligible adults have been fully vaccinated. KwaZulu-Natal is leading the pack with the Eastern Cape hot on its heels.

How well is Pfizer’s COVID jab working in SA? We break...

A local analysis found promising protective effects of the Pfizer COVID vaccine — even among those who had only received one dose. The data from Discovery Health illustrates how vaccination can lower your risk of infection. But even with this promise, the variants circulating in South Africa means we shouldn’t abandon existing safety measures.

The story of a lifetime: Inside SA’s COVID newsrooms

What does it take to deliver accurate and engaging vaccine roll-out news during a pandemic? These media heavyweights share the realities and politics of covering COVID in South Africa’s leading newsrooms.

Are you stuck at home with your abuser? This tool can...

This free tool will point you to gender-based violence services closest to you – no mobile data required.

[VIDEO] Delta for dummies: Explaining SA’s latest COVID variant

The Delta variant, first identified in India, has been detected across several provinces in South Africa. This incredibly transmissible form of the virus is expected to soon dominate the country’s new infections amidst the third wave. Here’s what we know so far.

‘We only write about them when they are dead’: Hate killings...

Nearly three decades after South Africa’s first Gay and Lesbian pride march, journalist and researcher Nechama Brodie takes a look at the violent history the country’s black lesbians have endured.

Biovac will “fill and finish” Pfizer’s COVID jab. Here’s how...

Biovac will become the first company in Africa to produce Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID jab — but they won't produce the vaccine from scratch. The SA manufacturer will import the drug substance (the active ingredient that makes the vaccine work) from Europe and "fill and finish" the shot in South Africa.

Lockdown cheat sheet: Adjusted level 4 extended until 25 July

Gauteng is closed for the next two weeks. Gym sessions are over for now, as are alcohol sales and visits with your friends and family at home.

Rise of the variants: What you need to know about the...

South Africa’s lockdown regulations are tightening in order to better curb the spread of COVID-19. This comes amid concerns that a new variant, called Delta, detected in some provinces, could drive a surge of infections during the country’s third wave.