A junior doctor’s battle to keep death at bay for state...

One in four South African medical students show signs of depression, and most doctors are at risk of burning out. Read about one state doctor’s road to hell and back again.

Why doesn’t SA use this bargaining chip when it makes deals...

A two-monthy HIV prevention injection could be too expensive for the department of health to buy even though the country participated in drug trials...

Would you screen yourself for cervical cancer at home?

When South Africa introduced self-tests for HIV, far more people knew their status and were put on treatment. The same could happen for cervical cancer, argues this cancer advocate, and the country already has the networks, testing capacity and funding in place to make a project like this work.

Superbugs could cost you an arm or a leg: Why hospitals...

Germs are outsmarting medicine faster than South Africa’s overburdened facilities can keep up with. There are ways to cut resistance, but such plans need more money for them to work.

Naeemah Abrahams and the secret to defeating evil – do something

In the hospitals of 1980s South Africa, Naeemah Abrahams saw how often women showed up battered and bruised, a phenomenon her colleagues didn’t make much of. Three decades later, she’s one of the researchers turning the tide on gender-based violence.

[WATCH] What makes a good doctor? Why school marks aren’t everything

A doctor’s race and the language they speak can play a role in the kind of care they provide - depending on their patient’s race and language.

Tipsy at breaktime: Do liquor ads increase underage drinking?

Young South Africans are exposed to lots of liquor advertising, but the two bills which were designed to change this remain stuck in the pipeline.

The secrets locked up in period blood

Endometriosis is a disease that causes the cells that line the uterus to start growing in other parts of the body. This can lead to excruciating pain for those affected but diagnosis can take more than a decade. These researchers are looking at period blood to learn about the disease and how to spot it faster.

The cruel collusion that devastates young doctors learning how to deliver...

Health workers-in-training say they feel forced to abuse birthing patients as part of a dark rite of passage on the road to becoming a doctor or midwife. This final year medical student explains how these experiences can shape the country’s future doctors.

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The pass rate for medical students is much higher than for other high entry requirement degrees such as engineering and biology. This video explains why.