Bhekisisa wins the 2021 Reconciliation Award for its role in reporting...

The Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism was awarded the 2021 Reconciliation Award from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. This award recognises the work our team has done over the past year to cover the COVID pandemic and the role our organisation has played in advancing healthcare solutions through reporting on health and social justice issues across Africa.

Need an abortion? Find clinics you can trust here

This database shows you where you can find safe family planning services near you. It’s verified two to four times a year by a dedicated team of data capturers and ‘secret shopper’ callers.

The science of sequencing: How Africa is preparing for future pandemics

Africa is building up a genomic surveillance network of 12 regional hubs that will help the continent to prepare for future pandemics.

The boosters are here. What does that mean?

For now, booster COVID vaccines are mostly offered to those with weakened immune systems. Here’s what we know about how long COVID shots can protect you.

The ABCs of DIY vaccines: Why tech transfer is a big...

Africa’s reliance on companies outside the continent can be turned around in time for the next health crisis. A new World Health Organisation initiative will make this happen by helping nations make jabs without slogging through the trial and error of developing a new vaccine.

The Pfizer palpitations: What exactly are the risks to teens’ hearts...

As South Africa’s teenagers line up to get their Pfizer COVID jab, many parents are concerned about the possible risk of heart inflammation. We break down the numbers behind this extremely rare side effect and why it shouldn’t deter teens from getting a shot.

Vacancy: Health reporter, Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism

producing regular policy and news analysis. Are you passionate about health journalism? This position might be just for you. Application deadline: 16 January 2022

Vacancy: News editor, Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism

Do you have seven years or more experience in writing and editing evidence-based health and social justice analysis for the news media or publishing industry? Are you passionate about mentoring journalists and op-ed writers? Then this position might be just for you. 

Mostly men: Why they die young

Women’s mortality rates have been on the decline since 1950. But progress for men has been much slower. Here’s why lack of action among policymakers has led to trailing improvements in deaths among young men aged 10 to 24 years old.

[WATCH] Getting COVID: Is it safe to go to the movies...

December holidays are upon us and so are family braais, going to the movies and sports events. But is it safe to do these things? Well, yes and no. It depends how many people there are, how far they’re sitting from each other and how much ventilation there is.