Why money earmarked to fight Ebola may have financed one man's love life.

Rebecca Ratcliffe

The World Health Organization launches inquiry after claims of ‘legendary’ corruption, including racism and sexism.

Unemployed doctors: Why medical schools face a tough choice

Nelisiwe Msomi

It’s the age of austerity and it’s bad news for doctors, nurses and patients alike — unless the state can do more with less.

Did Bosasa illegally detain kids while working for the department of home affairs?

Joan van Dyk

"The cost of this Bosasa looting has been paid by immigrants detained in inhumane and undignified conditions at Lindela", the DA says.

Nurse: 'I had to supplement my income. That’s when I got into sex work.'

Dylan Bush

Joan Collins* worked as an intensive care nurse in Cape Town. But that's not the only way she made a living.

This map lets tell you which districts have the country's highest c-section rates

Laura Grant, Media Hack

Some districts report Caesarean rates of 40%, which is much higher than the 26% national average for public hospitals.

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Gaming medicine: Virtual reality is bringing real-time relief for chronic pain

Virtual reality isn’t just for video games anymore. It’s revolutionising medicine, including the way we manage pain.

'My family had no business selling me off for R4'

Think child marriages only happen in far off countries? Think again.

Schoolgirls in this country face compulsory tests for pregnancy, genital mutilation

Girls in Kenya’s Narok County will also be made to reveal the identities of babies’ fathers.