When will you get your COVID jab? Find out

Struggling to figure out when your turn for a COVID vaccine will arrive? Bhekisisa and Media Hack have teamed up to create infographics that make it easier to decipher. This is a living document: when the timeline or guidelines change, we will create an updated graphic and upload it here.

How rare is very rare? Your questions about blood clots –...

Vaccines will only be registered for use in South Africa if their common side-effects are mild. To qualify as a “very rare” side-effect, the symptom needs to affect fewer than one in 10 000 people. Here’s why.

Why South Africa stopped making vaccines

The high demand for COVID vaccines means there is limited global supplies. Local manufacturing is one potential solution to this problem. So why isn’t South Africa making its own jabs? Find out.

All about the air: How COVID turned oxygen into a luxury

Access to oxygen could mean the difference between living or dying for a COVID patient. But developing countries lack the infrastructure to produce liquid oxygen and transport it to hospitals. Now a team of scientists at Cambridge University has come up with a solution.

Rape, time & place: How to understand SA’s geography of violence

Simply identifying hotspots doesn’t explain why some places report more gender-based violence than others. This limits our understanding of the problem, and our ability to find a solution.

[WATCH] Test your knowledge: The J&J COVID jab

This short video answers key questions you might have if you’re in line for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

‘If men are these monsters’: Life in the fray of SA’s...

South Africa is rushing to roll out its first national gender-based violence action plan. But as bureaucracy and the coronavirus pandemic stall progress, violence against women continues unabated. And the hot spots that will receive extra resources, it seems, have been wrongly identified.

[WATCH] No roads, no water, no toilets: 'Why are they ignoring...

A lack of access to basic necessities is not just an inconvenience, but a health and safety risk for people in these Western Cape communities. Find out why residents want government to do more.

Updated: Pregnant and breastfeeding women will soon be included in the...

The Sisonke trial, that was paused earlier this month because of the US government's regulator the Food and Drug Administration's , investigation into rare blood clotting disorders associated with the Johnson & Johnson jab, will resume on Wednesday, April 28th.

Four factors blocking medicines made in Africa

Setting up a continent-wide medicines regulator in Africa could be key to getting the continent’s people the treatments and COVID vaccines they need. Here’s why more countries need to put their weight behind it.