The Gospel of Shame: How Christian groups thwart the right to abortion

Pontsho Pilane

Are faith-based NGOs breaking the law when they refuse to give women information on where to terminate their pregnancies?

Show us the data: Bhekisisa responds to #BigTobacco

Bhekisisa Reporters

Dear Tisa, you have a point but we’ve got a reason to be wary.

Menstruation by any other name: The more than 5000 ways we say 'period'

Roxy de Villiers

Know what The Hunt for Red October is? We’re not talking about the Sean Connery movie, we’re talking about your period.

Watch this man’s amazing transformation after he kicked heroin with the help of this

Dylan Bush

When people with diabetes inject insulin, we don't see that as an addiction. So why is opioid substitution therapy considered one?

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See what the world's largest HIV programme is planning

Our Laura Lopez Gonzalez takes you inside SA's national HIV and TB plan in just two minutes.

Dying of the light: How Soweto lost its only hospice

Hospice isn't just a place to die but funding cuts – and that perception – could be killing our chances of a kinder death as refuges close

Did Big Tobacco buy Twitter?

There's more to the data — and social media — backing the latest tobacco-funded ad campaign.