Me & My unplanned pregnancy

This is the second podcast in our ‘Me & My’ series with Dr Sindi van Zyl. In this episode Dr Sindi answers all our questions about what you should do if you’re pregnant.

Podcast: What does HPV mean for my sex life?

Me and My is our new podcast series for young women. In our first episode we explore what HPV means for you and your sex life: When should you get your Pap smear and how often? Can you still get vaccinated against HPV as an adult?

Will South Africa’s younger population lead to fewer COVID-19 deaths?

Across the world, the new coronavirus has hit the elderly the hardest. But in a relatively young South Africa, could age work in our favour?

Will the TB vaccine you got as a baby protect you against COVID-19?

If you’ve heard that the BCG vaccine will keep you safe from the new coronavirus, you’ve heard wrong. There’s no evidence to back this yet, says Salim Abdool Karim.

Is it time to buy a cloth mask?

Wearing a cloth mask won’t protect you from the new coronavirus, but it will protect those around you if you’re infected. Confused? Listen to what Salim Abdool Karim had to say in his presentation.

Will SA extend its national lockdown … again?

Listen to world-renowned epidemiologist, Salim Abdool Karim, explain what factors will determine whether or not South Africa extends its national lockdown — again.

Has lockdown worked so far?

World renowned scientist, Salim Abdool Karim, says yes. Here's why.

[PODCAST] Pimps, police and pills: How nurses get healthcare to sex workers

We take you into the world of brothels and show you how a clinic gets HIV prevention pills and antiretroviral drugs...

[PODCAST] Ruff justice: Meet the dogs helping put rapists in jail

Victim testimonies can be key to securing convictions. They can also be traumatic. Meet the furry friends coming to the rescue.

[PODCAST] The art of telling stories that empower readers

In 2016, Bhekisisa started to do solutions journalism. But what is it? "Think Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie," David Bornstein...

[PODCAST] X marks the spot: Mapping our way to better health

A small private healthcare clinic on a farm in Delmas is paving the way for better patient care using new data...

[PODCAST] Growing up in the time of HIV: ‘The babies we saved from HIV...

As children, they escaped the virus through revolutions in medication. But today, they face an old foe again. Renowned HIV scientist...
The country's state emergency services are facing staff and vehicle shortages

[Podcast] Crime & Medicine: We take you on a Friday evening ride in an...

Here’s how paramedics are fighting for their own lives so they can save yours. This is the first...
Could an implant the size of a match stick save teenage girls from HIV? Find out.

Could an implant the size of a match stick save teenage girls from HIV?...

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan talks to HIV scientist Salim Abdool Karim about his research on risky relationships of young women and older men.
[LISTEN] You bank your money each month

[LISTEN] You bank your money each month, so why not bank your breast milk?

We always tell moms breast is best but sometimes milk doesn't come when babies do. This breast milk bank is filling in these gaps.

Did the apartheid government inject black people with HIV? We look to science.

This month, the New African boasts a shocking headline: "We deliberately spread Aids in South Africa." Could that be true?