Q&A: Six things you should know about the Sisonke COVID jab study

How do Sisonke study researchers decide which hospital is a COVID vaccination site and will these venues also be used for our wider, national vaccine roll-out? We break it down for you and also explain how sites store the jabs.

How prejudice strips people with disabilities of their sexual and reproductive rights

Many people with physical disabilities find it hard to access sexual and reproductive health services — and it’s often the prejudice of those without disabilities that stands in their way.

Why South Africa isn’t using the AstraZeneca jabs it bought

South Africa’s decision against the AstraZeneca vaccine marked the first time South Africa departed with WHO's advice in its COVID-19 pandemic response.

Vaccine history, part 1: What can we learn from measles?

Measles is one of the world’s most contagious diseases. But cases almost completely disappeared through mass vaccination campaigns. As we once again attempt to end a pandemic through vaccines, here are some lessons to take away for the roll-out of COVID jabs.

Tours, trips and travel: Why vaccine passports may be a route back to normal...

After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, vaccine passports could allow people to travel more freely within their communities, enter other countries or engage in leisure activities that were largely prohibited during the COVID pandemic. But they also have the potential to further divide the global rich from the global poor.

Ending a pandemic: How to calculate how many people need to get vaccinated

How do you work out which proportion of a population needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity? We break it down and calculate how each jab would change how many people need to be vaccinated in order to stop COVID from spreading in the country.

One mask to rule them all: This type of cloth mask is better than...

Imagine the layers of your mask as a spider web, catching respiratory droplets as you breathe in and out — but some masks have more efficient webs than others.

COVID immunity: Will it last a lifetime or fade in a flash?

Countries around the world have begun vaccinating against COVID-19 — and it’s working. The jabs help protect people from severe disease. But for how long? Find out.

‘We’re all mad here’: Gaze through the looking glass a year after SA’s first...

Our journalists have been reporting on COVID-19 (exclusively, almost) for a year. A lot of the time, they’ve felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. Only the world of COVID reporting isn’t a wonderland – it’s hell.

COVID-19: What happens if some countries don’t vaccinate?

Some countries, such as Tanzania and Madagascar, have issued statements saying they do not have plans to vaccinate their populations against COVID-19. Find out what this means for the global effort to contain the pandemic.
Alex coronavirus screening Gauteng health department

Hindsight is 2020: Three lessons from our second wave

Specialist scientists, masks, hand sanitiser and stricter rules for liquor sales will be crucial to easing the burden of South Africa’s future COVID-19 waves, experts say.

How COVID vaccines get approved: 4 things you need to know

Why did the one-million AstraZeneca vaccines South Africa received earlier this month have to be sent for lab tests but not the Johnson & Johnson jabs that arrived this week? The world of regulatory approval for medicines can be confusing. We break it down for you.

Crime and (no) punishment: Why Africa’s ports are vulnerable to counterfeit COVID vaccines

Africa’s ports are vulnerable to crime and corruption. Now they’re set to be the main thoroughfare for COVID vaccines entering the continent. Here’s why we need a better strategy to curb potential counterfeits coming through.

SA’s COVID vaccine roll-out is a go. Find out where health workers can get...

Eighty thousand Johnson & Johnson jabs will touch down at OR Tambo International Airport today and be distributed to 16 sites across the country where healthcare workers will be vaccinated. Find out more.

[EXCLUSIVE] Little vials, big crime: Criminals primed for onslaught on Africa’s vaccines

COVID vaccines have become one of the most sought after commodities in the world, but manufacturers simply can’t produce enough jabs for everyone who needs them. Bhekisisa investigates what this means for the emergence of a vaccine black market, as well as vaccine theft and falsification.

SA’s first J&J jabs could arrive next week. Here’s what our roll-out plan looks...

We spoke to experts, looked at the data of studies and relistened to Sunday’s health department briefing to break it down.