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Government hospitals are likely to run out of beds before the end of July. The health department is in the process of signing deals with the private healthcare sector for additional beds at set prices. But how does this work in practise? We’ve asked Nicholas Crisp, one of the health department’s chief negotiators.

South Africa has thousands of potential COVID-19 quarantine hotels. But they’re empty.

Gauteng — the province with the most confirmed COVID-19 cases — is also one of the two provinces with the lowest uptake of quarantine facilities.

This injection outperforms a daily pill to prevent HIV infection. Will you use it?

New data shows that a two-monthly injection prevented more HIV infections than when people took a daily HIV prevention pill.

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Eastern Cape health workers wait up to one month for COVID-19 test results

Provinces hard hit by COVID-19 rush to fast-track the diagnosing of health workers as South Africa’s cases surge

Unions, activists call for Cape Town COVID-19 clinical trial to be stopped

The study is investigating whether a tuberculosis vaccine typically given to newborns could protect at-risk hospital workers from serious COVID-19.

#PoliceBrutality: ‘They have killed us more than corona’

As the killing of George Floyd sparked protests worldwide, Kenyans marched against local police brutality during the country's coronavirus curfew.

People living with HIV, TB at two to three-fold higher risk of COVID-19 death

The Western Cape has released South Africa’s first local data, which finds that although people with these common illnesses are more vulnerable to COVID-19, they are less likely to die from the new coronavirus than many previously thought.