​That awkward but vital sex chat with your kids

Kagure Mugo

Parents and their offspring find it hard to talk openly about sex, but they should.

How to pack the best lunch for your kids in five easy steps

Nelisiwe Msomi

Not up to the daily dilemma of what to pack your little ones for lunch? Beef up your children’s lunch boxes with these quick tips.

Grants change children’s lives and the lives of their children

Linda Richter

This opinion piece draws on Professor Linda Richter’s address at the launch of the South African Child Gauge 2016.

Air pollution is now the fourth biggest killer and children are the most vulnerable

Sipho Kings

The effects of outdoor air pollution are far-reaching. It is not only seriously harmful to health but is also robbing countries of GDP.

Paying it forward: South Africa's law should give all fathers and adoptive parents paid parental leave

Wessel van den Berg

Getting parents more involved in childcare is good for a child’s health and prospects in life. South Africa needs to get with the programme.