Dozens of gynaecologists are expected to shut down this year. This could stop that.

Joan van Dyk

"We are closer to a solution than we have ever been," says medical body Sasog

Swazi mediation on the cards

Mandy Rossouw

Mediation between the Swazi government and labour movements and opposition parties is due to start within weeks.

Bob's job remains stumbling block

Mandy Rossouw, Jason Moyo

Mugabe said that negotiation was a different game which required compromise, "Unlike in card games in negotiation you must be ready for compromise"

What is needed is real mediation

Chris Kabwato

President Thabo Mbeki has played a less than honest role in the Zimbabwe crisis. The debate rages on about what he is playing at in Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai insists he sent letter to Mbeki

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change on Saturday insisted that its leader had sent a letter to President Thabo Mbeki asking him to step down as Zimbabwe mediator.