South Sudan

Riek Machar's lonely  'exile' in SA

Simon Allison

The South Sudanese leader is stateless and cut off from friends and family

The children who bear the brunt of South Sudan’s refugee crisis

Stephan Hofstatter

Unicef points to a strong scientific and economic foundation for investing heavily in a child’s early years, and the high cost of failing doing so.

Safeguarding child refugees is everyone’s responsibility

Leila Pakkala

Every day an average of 1000 children are fleeing conflict in South Sudan. There are presently 2.6-million refugees in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Stakes high as Kiir boots army boss

Simon Allison

South Sudan’s president has sacked his army chief in a risky gamble to tighten his grip on power

China’s success in Africa depends on peace in South Sudan

Peter Biar Ajak

For a regional connectivity plan to work, there must be stability in east Africa, writes Peter Biar Ajak.