teenage pregnancies

'After getting pregnant, you are done': no more school for mums-to-be

Rebecca Ratcliffe

This country's president just told public schools to kick out teen mothers, tens of thousands of whom have already lost out on education.

Youth avoid sexual healthcare

Tsidiso Tolla

Health services are available but the attitudes of medical staff deter young people

Helen Zille's words were taken out of context and used in a straw-man argument

Michael Mpofu

'Various proposals were also discussed to ensure that men also carried the consequences of unintended pregnancies.'

Sugar daddies: Shame the blessers, not the blessed

Pontsho Pilane

Her friend still bears the stigma of a schoolgirl affair with a sugar daddy. Pontsho Pilane asks: Why the double standards?

[From our archives] 'Once he says he doesn't want a condom, that's that'

Persomé Oliphant

Gender imbalances in intimate relationships make it difficult for women to decide when, if at all, to have children.