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Editorial: A protest of hope


'South Africans are so inured to protests that a small protest at an NPA office in Cape Town barely registers'

South Africa has a model Bill of Rights. But it doesn’t seem that way

Sandra Liebenberg

As South Africa marks Human Rights Day, it's a good time to reflect on the problems it faces in making constitutional rights a reality

Political meddling and hospitals collapsing: How Bhekisisa exposed the Free State's health MEC

Mia Malan

Now shuffled sideways, Benny Malakoane's term of office was marked by a staggering ineptness that prompted the #FireBenny campaign.

ANC denies removal of Free State health MEC has to do with fraud and #firebenny

Mia Malan

Benny Malakoane ‘did an excellent job’ despite tales of fraud, dismissals and hospitals in crisis.

[From our achives] Former Free State health MEC: They call me a killer, I know I'm a saviour

Mia Malan

In this 2014 interview, former Free State health MEC Benny Malakoane says that detractors are still alive is proof of the good work under his watch.