​Racist stereotyping threatens SA

Hlumelo Biko

It is the primary cause of the ‘us against them’ view that is tearing the country apart.

When the sorrow doesn't end: Could chronic grief be a medical condition?

Andrea Volpe

The pain of bereavement is supposed to ease with time. When it doesn't, psychiatrists call it 'complicated grief' and it can be treated.

Decolonising psychology creates possibilities for social change

Shose Kessi

An engagement with blackness, black feminisms and black masculinities can help South African psychologists contribute to building healthy communities.

Mental shift: Yoga makes its way behind the walls of South African prisons

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

It's World Yoga Day. Mindfulness has seen a resurgence in popularity and is slowly making its way behind the walls of prisons in South Africa.

​Psychologists can’t practice in a vacuum, ignoring SA’s social conditions and rights

Professionals are being asked to look critically at the discipline’s ability to respond to South Africa’s context.