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Fear of the F-word: Why Somalia won’t say ‘famine’ as 7.8-million go hungry

Somalia is facing a humanitarian crisis. Many people have been displaced due to climate change-induced droughts, and conflict between the army and al-Shabaab has left many regions without food.

‘I missed a dose for the first time’: How the KZN floods derailed HIV...

The April 2022 floods in KwaZulu-Natal, left Mfundo Shezi without HIV treatment for two weeks. He had no way of getting more because the centre he frequents was closed for two weeks – and his ID book was washed away.

Pushing up daisies – by becoming compost? How you can choose a greener death

Mainstream methods of burial need to be left in the past as they take a toll on climate change. According to researchers, leaving the body to naturally break down its organic matter until a heap of soil is all that’s left, should be more accessible.

New temperatures are taking tropical diseases to new heights, like these once snow-capped villages

Manmaya Magar, 26, may be the first person to contract dengue fever in her village. Pete Pattisson, Guardian)
Lake Chad

Is one of Africa’s most important lakes really shrinking?

Our two-year study shows the lake has been stable since the 1990s. Costly ‘solutions’ shift focus from the complex causes of the region’s deadly...

Bugs, borers & heatwaves: Life and mental health in a hotter Joburg

Joburg may have avoided a total “treepocolypse”, but the city is continuing to battle the invasive beetle killing off its trees. In the war...

Fanon, Freire, Thiong’o: Your global health summer reading list

It’s official, summer is here and December is just around the corner — a time to kick back, relax, see family and maybe even...

Life on a hotter earth: Depression, drought & decolonising mental health

As the climate crisis worsens, arid parts of South Africa are expected to get even hotter and even more water-scarce. In Australia, drought’s taken...