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#SAElections2024: What do parties’ health promises mean? We break it down

Governments have the power to decide whether people live or die when it comes to health. On 29 May your vote will determine how well South Africa’s post-election government will look after your health. Today, we’re launching a series of analyses to break down what parties say they will do to fix the country’s health system.

Help us gauge the quality of NHI consultations — freely & anonymously

Help us guage the quality of public participation around the National Health Insurance NHI). Take this 5-minute survey.
private hospital

You’re paying more for private healthcare and getting less, shows Competition Commission investigation

A lack of competition in the sector isn't just bad for your wallet, it could be bad for your health. Find out what it means for the National Health Insurance in this latest article in our series, "Compass: Charting a course to the NHI".
Trumped: The US takes its controversial stances over abortion to the United Nations. (Shealah Craighead)

SA US face-off over the world’s first declaration on universal healthcare

The United Nations declaration on universal health coverage is signed. But will South Africa's National Health Insurance improve services at home?
|Donald Trump deleted reproductive justice from the historic UN declaration on universal healthcare.

Did Trump just hijack the world’s first UN declaration on universal healthcare?

On Monday, world leaders will sign a UN declaration that could have committed the world to provide decent healthcare for all. But instead, activists say, some of the world's biggest health issues sparkle in their absence. Find out what it means for South Africa’s National Health Insurance in the latest in our new series, Compass: Charting a course to the NHI.

Don’t believe the hype: Why increases to the health budget on paper don’t translate...

Legal claims against the department now amount to more than half of some provincial health budgets. Less money now will only mean more claims later.
Doctors are facing unemployment

Unemployed doctors: Why medical schools face a tough choice

It’s the age of austerity and it’s bad news for doctors, nurses and patients alike — unless the state can do more with less.
Find out what Deputy President David Mabuza said in his keynote at the Presidential Health Summit.

Mabuza: ‘The NHI must not negate private health schemes for those who desire them’

Read what Deputy President David Mabuza had to say about primary health care and the NHI in his Presidential Health Summit speech.
The Council for Medical Schemes estimates that fraud

At a glance: What the National Health Insurance means for you & your pocket

Two Bills, almost 200 pages may change healthcare forever in SA. Haven't read them? We did the heavy lifting so you don't have to.
Nation of the hour: South Africa took on the United States when it went for the mat for affordable medicine access in the world's first UN declaration on TB.

[EXCLUSIVE] Motsoaledi: ‘I can’t prevent health crises because my hands are tied’

“Whenever there is a crisis, I’m called in to solve them, but I don’t have the legal mechanism to prevent them,” says minister.
National Treasury has argued that removing medical aid tax credits would hurt low income earners.

ANC looks to axe medical aid tax credits, expand National Health Insurance

The ruling party says it’s time to get serious about funding and rolling out South Africa's universal access to healthcare plan.
Elated: ANC supporters welcome the news that higher education will be free for some but it may eat into the health budget.

What free education could cost us

Saturday’s surprise announcement could be the latest blow to the country’s bid for better healthcare.

Will you lose your medical aid tax credits in 2018?

But if we want everyone to get quality care, something will have to give and it may not be your money, warn experts.
Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi is determined to ensure that private healthcare is made affordable before the National Health Insurance scheme rolls out in 2014.

Health sector cleared for surgery

An industry-wide probe into private healthcare seems likely, but stakeholders fear a witch hunt.