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A huff and a puff: Could nicotine pouches put an end to smoking?

Dive into the world of "upper deckys" and "Zynbabwes”. Nicotine pouches have sparked a global sensation, hailed by some as the future of tobacco cessation. Yet, behind the catchy nicknames and promises of harm reduction lie the exploitation of legal loopholes and questionable science. What’s really the deal?

Suspicion, stigma and systems: Africa’s healthcare story

At a conference towards the end of last year, some of the great names in African public healthcare shared their lessons about what can — and can’t — work on the continent, from setting up new hospitals to implementing national health insurance. Sean Christie was there.

Health Beat #16 | Why the upcoming Tobacco Bill treats e-cigarettes like smokes

Are e-cigarettes healthier than traditional smokes? The vaping and tobacco industries would have us believe that they are, but doctors and researchers are sceptical. We find out why young people are getting hooked on nicotine-enhanced fruity flavours — and break down the potentially deadly consequences.

SA doctors make up to 40 times more than those in Kenya and Nigeria

Government doctors in South Africa aren’t paid enough, says the South African Medical Association. Yet in a month, some earn up to three times more than their counterparts in other middle-income countries in Africa. What do our salary scales mean for filling vacant posts?

Floods, food and families: Why climate change makes eating well harder

Even though there is enough food in South Africa to feed the whole country, not everyone can access that food. Women-headed homes are especially hard hit when it comes to hunger, and as weather patterns change because of global warming, this could worsen. Will political parties in the upcoming election care?

Is it cheers to saying cheers? Why science says no to drinking alcohol

Thirty years ago, having a drink or two every day was thought to be good for your heart — thanks in part to the so-called French paradox. But research now shows that even a little alcohol can up the chance of developing some types of cancer.