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Should your party save you from floods? Voters think so

: Last week, the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal was mopping up damage after being battered by heavy, unexpected rainfall over the weekend — almost 50 times more in 24 hours than what the usual daily average is here. How seriously should your political party take such issues? Here’s what voters think.

What the corporate climate lobby means for your health

Read the second edition of Climate ConnectionSouth Africa’s energy CEOs say they’re committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions while keeping the grid going and...

Will the food industry sacrifice its fat profits for health?

South Africa’s growing obesity epidemic won’t be reversed by preaching healthier eating habits and exercise alone; there’s a growing realisation that the food industry needs to change, write David Harrison and Liezel Engelbrecht.

How a rural KZN site is helping the world find a TB jab

A new tuberculosis vaccine is being tested in South Africa as part of a large trial in which about 20 000 people from seven countries will get their shots. We visited a rural site in KwaZulu-Natal to see how it is being rolled out.

[VIDEO] When politicians steal, patients suffer

The National Health Insurance scheme is supposed to provide all South Africans with the healthcare many have fought and died for. But citizens are wary of trusting politicians with the public purse and point to Tembisa Hospital on the East Rand as an example of how money set aside for health, has been used for anything but.

‘I’m a smoker — and I want stricter tobacco control’

Civil rights activist Koketso Moeti has been smoking for over 20 years. Yet she supports South Africa’s new Tobacco Bill, which bans indoor smoking, including vaping, in public buildings. Here’s why.