Research shows that texting and driving could cost you your life.

Survive December on SA’s roads with these four tips

Make sure that you and your family don't end up as statistics of this festive season.
A convenient truth: The promise of presents from Santa may make for better-behaved children.

Should you be keeping Santa’s secret from the kids?

Warning, this article contains sensitive details about Father Christmas. Kids, look away.
A study says primary school teachers may have an influence on how healthy their pupils are.

Teachers may be losing the battle of the bulge

A new study argues a teacher's health habits could influence pupils'choices.
Abortion rates in developed countries are decreasing but not in the developing world.

More married women than singles have abortions

Nearly 90% of terminations of pregnancies are performed in developing countries such as South Africa and Nigeria.
I didn't want her problems. Jane Mahlangu* says watching her HIV-positive friend struggle with raising an HIV-positive child inspired her to take part in a clinical trial that may be the world's best hope for an HIV vaccine.

Why I signed up for an HIV vaccine trial

Jane Mahlangu is set to become one of the first 100 people in South Africa to receive an experimental jab that could prevent HIV - and make history
Blessers are a threat to the health of young women.

Money, power & blessers are just half the story

A little extra money in young women's homes can go a long way towards protecting them from HIV infection. So can a little bit of concern.
South Africa has the world's biggest HIV response

Could do-it-yourself HIV testing take off in SA?

The World Health Organisation hopes take-home tests will increase the number of the people who know their HIV status
Of those men who had raped or beaten a woman

STUDY: 56% of surveyed Diepsloot men have raped or beaten a woman in the...

Rape and physical abuse rates more than double those reported in national studies have been recorded in Diepsloot in northern Johannesburg
Brown Lekekela's organisation

Vimba! Bhekisisa app helps Diepsloot women and children access help when raped

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Bhekisisa is launching a free gender-based violence helpline in Diepsloot
Could birth control injections come out of the clinic and into homes? A new study could pave the way for easier

Women can now inject themselves with ‘the shot’ at home

Could do-it-yourself birth control injections take off in South Africa?
A new online tool lets you calculate your chances of falling pregnant via IVF.

Trying for a baby? Find out your chances of falling pregnant

Figure out your odds of falling pregnant via in vitro fertilisation with this new online calculator
Life-saving HIV drugs were allegedly diverted from Southern Africa's public health system to be sold in Europe

The investigation that unravelled an international syndicate dealing in stolen ARVs

How undercover police infiltrated a criminal network that spent years hiding behind a curtain of shelf companies, Swiss bank accounts and pseudonyms.
After a fake news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision went viral

Fake news alert: Medical male circumcision not linked to penile cancer

Africa Check debunks a bogus news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision after Bhekisisa sounds the alarm.
Within days of taking office

Will quackery guide Trump’s global health policy?

The US remains one of the leading funders of global health but will this change on president-elect Donald Trump’s watch?
Junior doctors lives stand still as they wait to be paid after the human resource staff failed to capture their details to the payroll system on time.

How to choose a medical aid plan

Are you thinking of switching medical aid options? If so, read this first.
Pontsho Pilane and Lisa Steyn

Mail & Guardian, ​Bhekisisa journalists win Vodacom journalism awards

Bhekisisa reporter Pontsho Pilane and M&G financial reporter Lisa Steyn nab top prizes at national journalism awards