PrEP user talks sex

PrEP user talks sex, condoms and HIV

Ben Brown tells Mia Malan about his experience of using a pill that reduces his chances of HIV infection.
Non-lung TB

Non-lung TB, the silent killer

TB is not only found in the lungs. You can get TB anywhere in your body, but it is very difficult to diagnose.
Depression and anxiety are common amongst TB patients and a UCT study says counselling is needed to keep sufferers on treatment.

Most South Africans have the TB germ – so why aren’t they sick?

About 80% of people have the TB germ inside their bodies, but that doesn't mean they will all develop the disease.
Can drug-resistant TB get cured?

Can drug-resistant TB get cured?

Only half of people with multidrug resistant TB are cured, and patients run a high risk of losing their hearing due to the drugs.
The bad news doctor: Why scientists are trying to find better ways to talk to patients.

TB and diabetes: Are they linked?

Are people with diabetes more likely to get TB? Dr Bart Willems says yes.
Zika: What you need to know

Zika: What you need to know

Where did the Zika virus come from, and just how closely linked to microcephaly is it? SA's National Institute for Communicable Diseases explains all.