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Here’s how an abortion works from week 13

  • In South Africa, both medical and surgical abortions are allowed.
  • By South African law only a surgical abortion is possible when you’re over 12 weeks pregnant and only a doctor may do it.
  • In the second video of a three-part series on abortions, Boitumelo Lewele, a former clinical manager at Marie Stopes South Africa, tells Mohale Moloi how surgical abortions work and what to expect.

Abortions can be done using two methods. One is called a medical abortion and the other is surgical, which involves a small procedure. When a pregnancy is past 12 weeks only doctors are allowed to do it. We speak to Marie Stopes SA about how a surgical abortion works and what you can expect.
  • Read the full script here.

Editors note: At the time of interviewing, Boitumelo Lewele was a clinical manager at Marie Stopes South Africa.

Mohale Moloi worked at Bhekisisa as a television producer and health journalist from July 2021 to March 2024.

Yolanda Mdzeke is a multimedia reporter at Bhekisisa.