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Dumisane Rebombo is getting South Africans to talk about rape.

Gender violence: Creating a new normal for South Africa’s men

The solution lays in addressing 'how we raise our boys' and how we equip parents to be parents. But there's a long way to go.
ARVs have slowed down the rate of new HIV infections

Drop in infections follows ARVs’ success

ARVs have slowed down the rate of new HIV infections and increased the life expectancy of the general population in rural KZN.

M&G Health Journalism Centre

Bhekisisa aims to improve health reporting not only at the M&G but also at media houses across the continent.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Minister wants to stop patient rip-offs

Mia Malan speaks to the health minister and others in the healthcare sector about the guideline tariffs.
Cutting costs: The Health Professions Council says the lack of tariff guidelines adds to spiraling healthcare costs.

Dummies’ guide to medical tariffs

Health professionals are finding the state's planned guidelines for fees a bitter pill to swallow.
'I pay nearly R1000 a month for my medical aid and it only covers 85% of my out-of-hospital consultation. The higher the charges for consultation

Doctors overcharge, say our readers

"Doctors collude to fix prices and there are too few competent specialists in private practice now."
McCord Hospital served black people from a 'white area' during apartheid and survived all attempts to remove it.

McCord Hospital: Defending a legacy of healthcare integrity

For 100 years Durban's non-profit McCord Hospital has been a beacon of hope for the poor. Now it has to rely on the state to survive.
Surviving the process of childbirth is still a battle for many women in Africa.

Birth, a measure of progress

Reducing maternal and newborn mortality has to be a priority if Africa is to reach its potential.
Kholekile Rouben Mdaka is one of 3500 claimants bringing a class ­action against Anglo American South Africa.

Silent killer lurks in miners’ lungs

Silicosis might appear only 15 years after exposure to gold ore dust, long after they have gone home. Heidi Swart reports.

Rural hospitals in terminal crisis

Accessing healthcare in this rural town has never been easy. Shortages of staff as well as medical equipment makes it difficult for this hospital to function.

A doctor born of hope

This man from rural Eastern Cape had to travel all the way to Cuba to make his dream of becoming a doctor come true. Now, he is back home and treating patients at the same hospital his mother used to sell fruit in front of when he was a boy.
Shattered dreams: A tradition called ukuthwala sees girls as young as 13 years forced into marriages with older men.

Is today’s ukuthwala a perversion of an earlier tradition?

The kidnapping of young girls ignores the 'niceties' of a cultural practice.
Nongezile Sinkala walked 7km across hilly terrain and thick bush to get to the nearest taxi rank to take her sick grandson to the hospital.

‘God make us strong, I beg you, keep Luphumlo alive’

Mia Malan describes the arduous trek an Eastern Cape woman had to undertake to get medical attention for her sick grandson.

Government bans ‘unsafe’ baby bottles

A controversial plastic additive is said to affect foetuses and increase the risk of breast cancer.
|Marching for cheaper drugs: HIV and Aids activists in New Delhi

NHI: History repeats itself

Universal healthcare schemes traditionally have been met with fierce opposition.
A pack-a-day smoking habit during pregnancy will reduce a baby's birth weight by an average of 230g

‘I saw the world through the blurry lens of an oxygen tent’

With the severe effects of the habit on the unborn child now widely known, why do pregnant mothers refuse to give up?