Home affairs minister abdicates his duties

Gary Eisenberg

Our Constitution requires a humane treatment of people but functionaries fail to recognise this

Home affairs foils  ‘SA open for business’

Gary Eisenberg

Ever since it was captured, the department’s administration has collapsed and been corrupted

Bosasa to dead toddler's family: If you want answers, you'll have to PAIA us

Joan van Dyk

About 15 years after their son died while illegally detained at a deportation centre outside Johannesburg, this family still hasn't found his grave.

How CNN reported on 'child slaves' who were not really enslaved

Betty Mensah, Samuel Okyere

Despite what a recent CNN documentary claims, there is no pervasive child slavery problem in Ghana's Lake Volta region

US states sue Trump over border wall emergency


Trump announced the emergency on Friday in order to bypass Congress