sex workers

When buyers of sex pay the legal price, everyone wins

The only solution to problems created by the "prostitution industry" is to end it, argue opponents as we kick off a two-part debate.

Prudence Mabele: The death of an activist, the reckoning of a movement?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

​The loss of one of SA’s most longstanding HIV activists comes when politics and dwindling resources are pitting stalwarts against each other.

I'm a nurse and this is why SA should decriminalise sex work

Lucy O'Connell

Why would humanitarian workers support the call to decriminalize sex work? Sometimes bombs, floods aren't the only threats to our patients.

Has South Africa's new HIV plan been captured?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The new strategy is the first in a decade that does not advocate for the decriminalisation of sex work.

'We don’t burn, we clean brothels’

Govan Whittles

Behind the rage in in Rosettenville and Phomolong is a mix of xenophobia and internecine battles.