sex workers

What sex workers and clients really want you to know about the business of sex

Ruvi Tenga, Zia Wasserman

Making sex work safer can slow down the rate of new HIV infections and also address gender-based violence, studies have shown.

Are sex workers forced into their jobs?

Sex workers in South Africa want their profession decriminalised, a view supported by many medical professionals and civil society organisations.

Sex workers: 'We want to own our own brothels'

Sex workers in the country want their profession to be decriminalised so that they can access health services without being discriminated against.

Sex, shrugs and policy holes: Why partially decriminalising sex work isn’t enough

Ishtar Lakhani

After almost two decades, the South African Law Reform Commission chose fiction over facts.

South African Aids council stands by national sex worker plan

Connie Kganakga

Human rights and access to healthcare remain paramount in the country's response.