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From the inside: The risk of TB infection at Pollsmoor can be sharply reduced if aggravating factors such as overcrowding and poor ventilation are addressed.

Unlikely perk of prison life: Free, speedy TB treatment

South African jails are making notable strides in screening for, and curing, tuberculosis.
Zamani Dlamini this year received a Leading Lights Award

Zamani – the hero of Hlabisa

From taxi driver to TB-care champion, Zamani Dlamini brings hope to the sick in rural KwaZulu-Natal.
More than half of men in Diepsloot report having sexually or physically abused a woman in their lifetimes

Diepsloot: Where men think it’s their right to rape

Crime stats released in 2015 reported a drop in rape cases, but experts say this is because fewer people are bothering to report rapes to the police.
Desperate: Alexandra McDonald

Pharma sets price on life with world’s most expensive drug

Rare diseases lead to development of new drugs that, like other rare commodities command high prices.
Bleak outlook:

The unforgiving days of too much wine and never enough roses

A cruel, unrelenting cycle of poverty, drinking and fetal alcohol syndrome robs families of all hope.
Unique South African children may chart new path for HIV vaccines

‘I gave my children booze – and now I fear for their future’

In a binge-drinking community parents often give their children alcohol, or they get it in the womb.
Happy Maifadi and her young son Enhle benefit from ongoing peer support from mothers2mothers.

Mother mentors a boost for health

HIV-positive pregnant women get sound advice from mothers who can empathise.
Pernicious neglect: Frik Balanco died after he succumbed to ‘a hospital acquired bacterial infection’ that resulted in pneumonia.

‘It’s the Free State hospital that killed my husband, Frik’

Doctors say Dihlabeng hospital doesn't have the medicine and staff to help patients.
Lifestyle: Tim Noakes’s book recommends that carbs should be limited to between 25g and 50g a day.

Binge-beating Banting: Why Tim’s take is hard to stomach

Can the banting diet cure binge-eating disorder? Mia Malan follows one person's journey.
Many couples find that problems with their sex life can have severe repercussions for their relationship if they are not addressed.

The little blue bounce lifts our love up where it belongs

Rekindling the sexual fire of a once passionate marriage has sparked a deeper emotional link.
Stranded: Thomas Nukeri

Xenophobia violates Health Act and migrants’ rights to care

Refugees run the border crossing gauntlet of lions, rivers, rape and theft hoping for a better life.
Dr Llewellyn Volmink grew up in the township of Nkqubela in Robertson and is now a medical doctor working in the local hospital.

The rural doctor who came home to serve his people in their own language

This doctor returned to his home town to live, love and heal.
Intuitive: Josephine Masedi is a self-taught midwife

Allay the dangers of maternity by honouring rural custom

Many women consult traditional healers, so it makes sense to enlist these cultural leaders in public health education.
Bleak outlook: Life on the streets is grim

The streets where homelessness, abuse and mental illness meet

With almost 50% of homeless people suffering from mental illnesses, according to a study, we spoke to four people who live on Durban's streets.
Meita Maine

Analysis: Why policy is failing community health workers

Community workers are twiddling their thumbs while the state drags its heels on a new strategy, writes Mia Malan.
The youngest daughter of Samantha Benjamin* is HIV positive because her mother didn’t seek medical help.

Ignoring prenatal HIV care leads to a lifelong burden

Mothers blame themselves and their children can never give up their antiretrovirals.