HPCSA ignores recommendations of ministerial task team

The "dysfunctional" Health Professions Council of South Africa will not act immediately on recommendations made by Aaron Motsoaledi's task team.
People who use creams to lighten their skin risk causing lasting damage to their bodies and nervous systems.

[From our archives] When lightening strikes it brings pale ailments

People who use creams to lighten their skin risk causing lasting damage to their bodies and nervous systems.
A nine-year-old boy breathes from a nebuliser as he seeks treatment for his asthma.

Too many people in SA die needlessly from asthma

The chronic respiratory disease can be easily controlled and managed with proper diagnosis and the correct preventative medication
The health department has proposed accrediting public hospitals to provide c-sections as a way of improving the safety of the procedures across the country.

‘Unnecessarily high’ Caesarean section rate is cause for concern

More women are having C-section births in SA, but authors of the 2013/2014 District Health Barometer warn that this increase is "a matter of concern".
Diabetes is 'quietly fuelling the spread of tuberculosis' and this 'looming co-epidemic' threatens to undo the gains made in controlling TB over the past decade.

Global response to dual epidemic of TB, diabetes too slow

New research has bad news for millions of South Africans with high blood sugar: they are three times more likely to develop active tuberculosis.
There is evidence to suggest that TB itself is a risk factor for developing diabetes.

Latent TB – the invisible killer

Compromising hopes of containing the disease, latent TB remains dormant for life for most people.
Feeling the heat: Passengers are screened with thermal imaging cameras for illness at Bangkok’s ?Suvarnabhumi Airport in a bid to avert the spread of Ebola.

Ebola flight risk fears ungrounded

There is little reason to worry even if a fellow passenger has contracted the disease.
Many people with migraine headaches are first misdiagnosed with

Could your sinusitis actually be a migraine?

Migraine headaches are often misdiagnosed as sinusitis because of similar symptoms - and sinusitis medication can further aggravate head pain.
Changes in dietary patterns

Bloem, Pretoria the fattest in SA, according to study

While Cape Town and Johannesburg are two of SA's healthiest cities, Bloemfontein and Pretoria fall short, according to a study.
The World Health Organisation has been sharply criticised for its handling of the Ebola outbreak.

MSF: More have died from Ebola than estimated

Medecins Sans Frontieres says that amid collapsing health systems, people in the countries worst affected are too afraid to report all Ebola cases.
Pulmonary embolism is the most preventable cause of hospital deaths in the world.

[From our archives] Blood clots can be fatal – look out for the warning...

Many people are dying preventable deaths from pulmonary embolisms or deep-vein thrombosis. Increased awareness can help reduce the toll.
Lives at risk: Police arrested six people in Johannesburg last week for running an illegal abortion clinic.

Obstacles persist for safe, legal termination

The World Health Organisation estimates that one in five pregnancies globally end in induced abortion.
There are fewer than 10 paediatric heart surgeons in South Africa's public health sector - forcing tiny patients to wait months for surgery.

MDGs: Child and maternal health needs critical care

Despite increased efforts to improve child and maternal health, countries are still lagging behind in meeting their Millennium Development Goals.
Where will newly qualified doctors go if provinces are being told to scale back staff under budget pressures?

South Africa ready for private medical school

To speed up the country's delivery of qualified doctors, Western Cape Health MEC Theuns Botha says private medical schools are necessary.
Pupils with disabilities face big struggles with access to transport to and from schools

Disabled children face uphill education battle

Even though the Constitution guarantees disabled children the right to education, many don't go to school, or have great difficulty in doing so.
E. coli bacteria

Your toilet is cleaner than the kitchen – health study

A new study has found that your kitchen counter is more likely to be contaminated by disease-causing bacteria than the handle of your toilet.