A new online tool lets you calculate your chances of falling pregnant via IVF.

Trying for a baby? Find out your chances of falling pregnant

Figure out your odds of falling pregnant via in vitro fertilisation with this new online calculator
Life-saving HIV drugs were allegedly diverted from Southern Africa's public health system to be sold in Europe

The investigation that unravelled an international syndicate dealing in stolen ARVs

How undercover police infiltrated a criminal network that spent years hiding behind a curtain of shelf companies, Swiss bank accounts and pseudonyms.
After a fake news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision went viral

Fake news alert: Medical male circumcision not linked to penile cancer

Africa Check debunks a bogus news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision after Bhekisisa sounds the alarm.
Within days of taking office

Will quackery guide Trump’s global health policy?

The US remains one of the leading funders of global health but will this change on president-elect Donald Trump’s watch?
Junior doctors lives stand still as they wait to be paid after the human resource staff failed to capture their details to the payroll system on time.

How to choose a medical aid plan

Are you thinking of switching medical aid options? If so, read this first.
Pontsho Pilane and Lisa Steyn

Mail & Guardian, ​Bhekisisa journalists win Vodacom journalism awards

Bhekisisa reporter Pontsho Pilane and M&G financial reporter Lisa Steyn nab top prizes at national journalism awards
In the Eastern Cape’s OR Tambo district

Fed-up NHI doctors say they are nothing more than glorified nurses

GPs working in the National Health Insurance’s biggest pilot site say they won't stay because of drug stock-outs, staff shortages and long queues
Expired antiretrovirals were allegedly sold at more than 4 000% mark up.

Exposed: Southern African trio ‘sold expired ARVs’ in Europe at a 4 000% markup

Life-saving HIV drugs were allegedly diverted from Africa's public health system to sell in Europe.
Claims about South Africans’ sugar intake unlikely to be correct

Fact Check: Are South Africans the 8th highest sugar consumers in the world?

The size of South Africa's super-sized sweet tooth may be over-stated
Mahlangu could not give updated figures on the number of former Life Esidimeni patients who have died.  The department is keeping a close eye on the Cullinan Rehabilitation and Care Centre following at least two recent deaths.

[EXCLUSIVE] Gauteng health MEC: Court threats fly over patient deaths

Gauteng health MEC Qedani Mahlangu breaks her silence over the department's deadly decision to transfer psychiatric patients.
But could legalising South Africans' right to die put society's most vulnerable in harm's way?

Denying the right to die may be state-sanctioned torture, legal body says

As the country’s landmark euthanasia case heads to the appeal court, lawyers argue that keeping the practice illegal could violate the Bill of Rights
The department of health has confirmed that the Health Professions Council of South Africa and some academic institutions have plans in place to ensure final year medical students graduate as Fees Must Fall protests continue.

#FeesMustFall: Plans in place to ensure Wits medical students graduate

Most of the country’s medical schools say final-year medical students will write exams
Many women mistakenly believe that mastectomy is the only or the safest way of dealing with their cancer.

Breasts: Five things to know about them and their care

Did you know? Good care is out there in public and private hospitals, but check your medical aid
Bhekisisa health reporter Pontsho Pilane was also named Vodacom Young Journalist of the Year in 2016

Bhekisisa journalists score big at Vodacom awards

Bhekisisa staff scoop regional awards aimed at recognising feature writing and burgeoning young talent within the field
A new online tool lets you calculate your chances of falling pregnant via IVF.

Depression during pregnancy may leave kids with a legacy of developmental problems

Mothers battling depression may need help forming the early crucial bonds that will affect children's relationships throughout their lives.
With protest action likely to continue

#WitsHungerStrike: Four tips to protect your eyes during a protest

Police often use tear gas as a method of crowd control. Here are some tips to keep safe when those tear gas canisters start flying from our archives.