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Floods, food and families: Why climate change makes eating well harder

Even though there is enough food in South Africa to feed the whole country, not everyone can access that food. Women-headed homes are especially hard hit when it comes to hunger, and as weather patterns change because of global warming, this could worsen. Will political parties in the upcoming election care?

A rehydration robot, a pinch test & more: Tips to help health workers spot...

Follow our live coverage of the health department’s 23 May briefing on South Africa’s cholera outbreak.

A spritz in time could save nine: Should schools have anti-overdose drugs at hand?

To help keep kids safe from drug overdoses, lawmakers in the US state of Colorado say schools can have an anti-overdose medicine in their emergency kit — and are making it available cheaply or even for free. But not all schools are signing up. Here’s why.

Down for the count: Why are Nepalese migrant workers struggling to make babies?

Nepalese men who go abroad for better jobs, often find that they struggle to build a family when they get back home. Fertility experts weigh in on the link between migration labour and infertility.

On our mind: Could getting hit on the head during sport cause brain disease...

Head injuries from sport could be linked with someone developing brain disease later, says new guidance from experts. They’re calling for more time during games for players to be checked thoroughly — which could mean rules of play may have to change.
Mixed feelings: Untested libido enhancers flood the market

Aphrodisiacs? They’re touch and go

For added excitement and endurance in your sex life, maybe skip the sex drugs.

Why climate change makes pollution and lung diseases worse

Dirty air makes it hard to breathe. Add hotter days or extreme cold into the mix and it will become harder still, especially for people who already have lung problems. In the latest episode of Health Beat, Mia Malan spoke to Caradee Wright, a public health specialist at the Medical Research Council, about what climate change will mean for people who already struggle to breathe, and what can be done about it.

SA doctors make up to 40 times more than those in Kenya and Nigeria

Government doctors in South Africa aren’t paid enough, says the South African Medical Association. Yet in a month, some earn up to three times more than their counterparts in other middle-income countries in Africa. What do our salary scales mean for filling vacant posts?
The normalisation of gender discrimination is blamed as the crucial factor that makes women and girls vulnerable to human traffickers.

Girls as young as 10 sold as sex slaves in South Africa

The normalisation of gender discrimination is blamed as the crucial factor that makes women and girls vulnerable to human traffickers.

These gun laws saved 30 lives a month in two big cities. Here’s what...

A recent spate of massacres has reignited the conversation about firearm control. It’s an emotional debate, but what does the evidence say about the kind of policies that work to prevent gun violence?

How rape survivors’ long-term risk of HIV infection can lead to heavier sentences for...

A new study shows that female rape survivors are 60% more likely to contract HIV within a year or two after their rape than women who have not been raped.

How good is your province at curing the most drug resistant TB?

South Africa’s tuberculosis (TB) tracking data is far from complete but we’ve compiled an interactive map to show how well each province fared at curing the most drug-resistant form of TB (according to the best available data).

STI home tests could be coming to SA’s free medicine pick-up points

Big changes are coming to South Africa’s fight against sexually transmitted infections, according to a draft of the country’s fifth HIV action plan.

44 experts to design details of NHI scheme from January 2023

Forty-four new National Health Insurance (NHI) positions, based at the national health department head office in Tshwane, will be advertised in the coming weeks and filled by January 2023.

This TB drug’s price just dropped by 80%. Meet the SA activist who helped...

Johnson & Johnson won’t be allowed to extend its patent on a life-saving TB drug in India, opening the door to cheaper generics for governments that buy the medicine from companies in that country.
Two doses of PrEP before sex and one tablet every day for 48 hours works just as well as everyday use in gay men and other men who have sex with men.

Why two pills before and after sex could help to save you from HIV

Men who have sex with men can now take on-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, safely.