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Bhekisisa bagged five awards at the Discovery Health Journalism Awards on Wednesday night. From left: Amy Green, Mia Malan and Ina Skosana

Health matters: Let’s Bhekisisa it

The M&G's new health journalism centre is ready to make its mark, scrutinise and inform.
Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi is determined to ensure that private healthcare is made affordable before the National Health Insurance scheme rolls out in 2014.

Health sector cleared for surgery

An industry-wide probe into private healthcare seems likely, but stakeholders fear a witch hunt.
Over the last decade a growing number of studies have raised the alarm about men's low involvement in HIV services.

Daily ARV dose ineffective among Africa’s HIV-negative women

According to HIV prevention trial results, the daily use of pills or a vaginal gel does not appear to prevent HIV-infection in African women.
Describing the situation as a 'national crisis'

Rape begets rape – SA’s brutal legacy

Studies show that men who themselves are victims are more likely to abuse women.

Report shows SA meat products contain donkey, goat, buffalo

The discovery of horse in meat products sparked outrage across Europe and a new Stellenbosch University report has revealed similar findings in SA.
Business boosters: The law that regulates medicines in South Africa is not enforced for complimentary and alternative medicines.

Immune boosters a risky letdown

Immune boosters should not be substituted for real medication. Yet the claims on their packaging may seduce and persuade consumers.
Dumisane Rebombo is getting South Africans to talk about rape.

Gender violence: Creating a new normal for South Africa’s men

The solution lays in addressing 'how we raise our boys' and how we equip parents to be parents. But there's a long way to go.
ARVs have slowed down the rate of new HIV infections

Drop in infections follows ARVs’ success

ARVs have slowed down the rate of new HIV infections and increased the life expectancy of the general population in rural KZN.

M&G Health Journalism Centre

Bhekisisa aims to improve health reporting not only at the M&G but also at media houses across the continent.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Minister wants to stop patient rip-offs

Mia Malan speaks to the health minister and others in the healthcare sector about the guideline tariffs.
Cutting costs: The Health Professions Council says the lack of tariff guidelines adds to spiraling healthcare costs.

Dummies’ guide to medical tariffs

Health professionals are finding the state's planned guidelines for fees a bitter pill to swallow.
'I pay nearly R1000 a month for my medical aid and it only covers 85% of my out-of-hospital consultation. The higher the charges for consultation

Doctors overcharge, say our readers

"Doctors collude to fix prices and there are too few competent specialists in private practice now."

Government bans ‘unsafe’ baby bottles

A controversial plastic additive is said to affect foetuses and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Dying in the line of duty

The murder of an Mpumalanga doctor on duty has exposed the lax security at public hospitals.

Death in the Free State

The health minister and UNAids are jumping the gun by not consulting activists.All Nanaki Mohajane’s sister, Masentle, wanted to do was to keep her...

Cape doc tipped for health post

Western Cape health director general Craig Househam is widely tipped to take over the running of the National Department of Health.