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Why COVID school closures are making girls marry early

The pandemic’s impact is long-term: the UN warns that it could lead to 13 million more child marriages over a decade.

The preventable trauma of COVID childbirth

A new global investigation has documented, in at least 45 countries, “shocking” and “unnecessary” breaches of laws and World Health Organisation guidelines intended to protect women and babies during the pandemic.

If we invested in this today, South Africa could save billions — and fight...

Community healthcare workers have become what some have called our “heroes on the ground” during COVID-19. By keeping more people healthier for longer, and increasing productivity, these workers could save South Africa more than R400-billion over 10 years. The question is, when will the country recognise them as integral and pivotal players in the health system?

People still have sex during outbreaks — forgetting it can be deadly

Planning for the pandemic has to include sexual and reproductive health services. If not, we risk saving women from the new coronavirus but leaving them to die during childbirth, unsafe abortions or at the hands of their partners.

Will South Africa maintain its role as top funder of health research and development?

South Africa continues to make the list of top funders globally of research and development for neglected diseases, including HIV and TB. But local organisations need more domestic funding to continue cutting-edge research.

What do coronavirus and Ebola have in common? They always get a head start

Outbreaks such as coronavirus, Sars and Ebola have taught us communication is key, and that the world is only as strong as its weakest health system.

Whose National Health Insurance is it anyway? Taking back the power

Public comment on the NHI Bill has closed, but there are other ways you can add your voice to this historic overhaul of the country’s health services. Find out in this latest instalment of "Compass", our series on the NHI.

More than just a footnote: ‘African authors are under-represented as first authors — positions...

The foreign gaze: Academics from the Global North are more likely to be cited as first authors on papers — and sit on the editorial boards that accept them.
A pregnant woman sits on a hospital bed.

Headaches, heartaches & pregnancy: Could this stem preeclampsia’s deadly tide?

This silent killer stalks expecting mothers around the world and is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in South Africa. But still many women can’t name it — or identify its symptoms. But if knowledge is power, is it enough to stem this deadly tide? Ghana is hoping to find out.
No man’s land: People gather behind a barbed wire fence in a temporary settlement on the Myanmar border. When governments fail, aid organisations step in. But who should they report to? (Ye Aung Thu, AFP)

The price of aid: Who is watching whom?

When governments fail and health systems falter, aid agencies take over. But who holds them accountable?
Trumped: The US takes its controversial stances over abortion to the United Nations. (Shealah Craighead)

SA US face-off over the world’s first declaration on universal healthcare

The United Nations declaration on universal health coverage is signed. But will South Africa's National Health Insurance improve services at home?

Healthcare Summit: Creating a culture of problem solvers in our health facilities

Find out how one public hospital reduced waiting times by 86% and maternal mortality by almost as much — all while going home two...

Waiting game: Why a home away from home for pregnant women could be a...

When hospitals are few and far between, these shelters become homes away from home for expecting mothers. Find out how countries around the world are getting mothers to book in for better births starting right here close to home.

Meet Zweli Mkhize, the man behind SA’s #COVID-19 response

Can the health minister fix our health system and what will it take? Here’s what Mkhize’s character, views and his past experience as a doctor tell us.

Will the National Health Insurance Bill go far enough to prevent corruption?

The National Health Insurance Bill was released on 8 August but a look at how well our mothers – and our finances – do in the public health sector does not bode well. Uncover the figures and the power structures that will shape the future of healthcare in South Africa. 
Zweli Mkhize

READ: Mkhize’s speech on the National Health Insurance & women

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize spoke at an exclusive Bhekisisa event for editors on 6 August about the National Health Insurance and what it means for reproductive justice.