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South African Aids council stands by national sex worker plan

Human rights and access to healthcare remain paramount in the country's response.
Decriminalising sex work could prevent between a third and almost half of all new HIV infections globally in the next 10 years among workers and clients.

I’m a nurse and this is why SA should decriminalise sex work

Why would humanitarian workers support the call to decriminalize sex work? Sometimes bombs, floods aren't the only threats to our patients.
A participant of the HVTN 702 HIV vaccine trial receives her first dose ahead of the public launch of the vaccine in 2016.

Should everyone be getting the HIV prevention pill as part of clinical research trials?

Only some study participants have access to the tablet that can cut the risk of HIV infection by more than 90%.
Pregnant and HIV negative? The HIV prevention pill might be for you — after talking to your doctor.

Busted: The myths that could be standing between you and the HIV prevention pill

A single daily tablet could slash your risk of HIV infection, could it be for you?
How to prevent HIV with a pill

Tshwane men to get the HIV prevention pill

By June, the health department will know more about how to roll out Truvada nationally to men who have sex with men.
Fewer than 15 countries on the continent fund more than half of their national immunisation programmes.

Could six injections a year protect you from HIV infection?

A new injectable drug could change the face of HIV prevention and the revolution might start right here in South Africa.
Ericka Torres's son

Viruses, vaccines and superbugs: The biggest health stories of 2016

This year wasn’t pretty but from its ashes may rise important scientific advances that could change the course of history.
Workplace policies: First and foremost

Sex work’s new tools of the trade

Peer educators spread the word about HIV prevention one little blue pill at a time.
Previous strikes at the National Health Laboratory Services have delayed test results for people living with HIV and women awaiting pap smear results.

Could we mass-produce HIV immunity?

One tiny protein may hold the secret to ending the HIV pandemic.
PrEP: The dos and don'ts of using an HIV prevention pill safely and effectively

Women praise HIV prevention pill as research could produce a simpler injection

For those at risk, taking a pill that can stop them from getting HIV is a ‘life-changing experience’
Advocates for the partial decriminalisation of sex work overlook that the buying of sex in SA is already criminalised and this has not curbed demand

#AIDS2016: Sex workers stuck in a tug of war between science and conservatism

Is the South African Law Commission's recommendation to sentence convicted sex workers to 'diversion programmes' a latest symptom of a country torn?
Despite a strong HIV programme response

#AIDS2016: HIV is a social issue and requires a new tack to end the...

The government needs to spend much more on nonmedical interventions, and that comes down to changing the way people interact.
Better prevention strategies are helping to stem the tide of HIV.

From medical circumcision to vaccines, these seven things will change HIV

We know more than ever about how to prevent HIV infection, including what may someday lead to the world's first HIV vaccine.
Patients are still forced to pay out of their own pockets for ARVs

#AIDS2016: ​HIV may be a prescribed benefit, but not all medical schemes cover ARVs

In theory medical aids fund ARVs, but in practice it's a complex process, say doctors and activists.
Free pads or free condoms? It's a false dichotomy when people with uteruses are the ones who need both.

​#AIDS2016: This common germ in your vagina makes it easier to get HIV –...

In the vagina's ecosystem, mundane bacteria matter more than you think.
One country, one healthcare system was a theme at Ramaphosa's summit

#AIDS2016: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi admits that ‘key leaders were in denial’

South African health minister calls AIDS denialism an 'unlucky' moment for a country that has since become a leader in HIV treatment, prevention.