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HIV prevention needs to be targeted at women to ensure reduced infection rates.

#AIDS2016: New science may put the power to prevent HIV in women’s hands

Being able to take a pill discreetly, as women have done with contraceptives since the 1950s, is an HIV prevention revolution.
Sex workers can take a pill that significantly reduces the risk of HIV infection.

HIV-prevention pill: The deeply personal journey of a male sex worker in Kenya

A pill dispenser with an electronic cap monitors daily adherence to a regimen that may curb HIV among sex workers – and in broader society.
Helping hand: South Africa must show global leadership and provide HIV-negative people with the right medication.

Give us ARVs so we don’t get HIV

South Africans are waiting and willing to help but the Medicines Control Council drags its heels.
An estimated 6.8 million people in South Africa are HIV positive.

HIV researchers, citizens must be part of decisions

If the progress we see today is anything to go by, it means we are closer than ever to having an HIV vaccine.
Testing times: The antiretroviral gel

Trials don’t gel with all women

Researchers recognise the need to change HIV prevention technologies to suit different lifestyles.