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Moral crusade condemns SA women to die

Backstreet abortion ‘doctors’ profit from stigma as patients are stripped of their dignity – and lives.

Emergency: Stigma and neglect conspire against SA women

Healthworker hostility and a lack of information are denying women access to emergency contraception, locking them into an unintended fate.
Digitial umbilical cord: More women are using their cellphones to get health updates on their pregnancy via Mxit Reach.

Help’s at hand for connected moms

Simple phone services are stepping in to help women who can't seek clinical advice in person.
In 2011

ARVs alone won’t save HIV infected mothers

Access to ARVs is improving, but poor attitudes to patients are aggravating maternal mortality rates.
Donald Trump deleted reproductive justice from the historic UN declaration on universal healthcare.

Border walls don’t stop viruses. But this might

Both the United States and South Africa have punted increased border security as a way to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Here's...


GHS Training: Reproductive Justice In South Africa: How Do We Make Abortions Safer? Date:...

Romeo and Juliet are sexting: Will SA’s new sex-ed prepare children for life, love...

Today’s young lovers face far more than feuding families but does the department of basic education’s new plan to teach learners...
Zweli Mkhize

READ: Mkhize’s speech on the National Health Insurance & women

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize spoke at an exclusive Bhekisisa event for editors on 6 August about the National Health Insurance and...
Most medical aids won't cover a new

The WHO, the drug & women’s right to choose: The story behind dolutegravir

Take a look at the newest HIV treatment set to hit South Africa's shores in 2019.
In the company of women: Judia

The village where men are banned

Inside the Kenyan village that began as a refuge for survivors of sexual violence.
Tender delays have pushed a shortage of the popular birth control shot Nur-Isterate into its second year.

This popular birth control shot is out of stock for the second year running....

Women who have been forced to go without their usual birth control shot are now facing the consequences of months-long shortages.
The struggle to survive bringing a new life into the world is still so real for South African women.

‘HIV testing was compulsory. If you didn’t test, they wouldn’t treat you’

The struggle to survive pregnancy and death in a land of plenty and poverty hasn’t changed much in the past five years — there are lives to prove it.
Nigeria’s maternal mortality is high. But if mothers such as Oluwakemi Junaid won’t go to hospital

Old birth rites, new ways

When bringing a new life into the world risks taking another, even old traditions have to adopt new ways.
Bhekisisa reporter Pontsho Pilane has scooped the prestigious Discovery Health Journalist of the Year award.

Award-winning Pontsho Pilane: Here’s why beat reporting matters

Pontsho Pilane has been named this year’s Discovery Health Journalist of the Year. Hear why she thinks specialist reporting isn't dead.
Post-partum pregnancy can be prevented through correct contraceptive use.

Five African states help women prevent pregnancy right after birth

Postpartum or after birth family planning can reduce one in three maternal deaths, one in 10 infant deaths and one in five child deaths.
About half the country’s population is younger than 15.

Contraceptives: South Africans are still out of the loop

Human error and scant access to preventative measures continue to cause unintended pregnancies, many of which lead to abortion.