maternal deaths

Old birth rites, new ways

When bringing a new life into the world risks taking another, even old traditions have to adopt new ways.

Giving birth has become less dangerous in South Africa

Pontsho Pilane, Mia Malan

But will the country be able to half its maternal mortality ratio by 2030 - in time to achieve its sustainable development goal?

Midwives' care during childbirth drastically improves outcomes for labouring mothers

Joy Wanja Muraya

Competent, compassionate care during labour and delivery is good for the dignity of mothers-to-be – and for their chance of survival.

Laws fail victims of forced, early marriage in "chauvinistic" Burkina Faso - Amnesty

Kieran Guilbert

Girls who are forced into early marriage are abused and denied access to contraception.

Solar power, text messages fight maternal deaths in rural Cameroon

Elias Ntungwe Ngalame

Solar power, solar electricity and mobile technology are helping to reduce the rate of maternal mortality in Cameroon.