SA’s unemployment rate spikes

Sarah Smit

According to StatsSA, the country’s labour force has decreased by 176 000 people between the first quarter of 2019 and the last quarter of 2018

ANC takes steps to compensate for lack of women premier candidates

Natasha Marrian

Only two out of seven provinces get women premiers and party prescribes that all speakers should be women

Elections 2019: ANC majority in Mpumalanga takes a knock

Beauregard Tromp

The EFF has displaced the DA as the official opposition in the province but pay attention to the ANC’s losses

ANC granted one last chance

Natasha Marrian, M&G Data Desk

The 65 percent of South Africa’s citizens who voted seem to have agreed that the ruling party deserves a final attempt to clean up its act

Maimane most searched for politician on Google

The DA leader has earned the most interest among politicians on the search engine after his address at the weekend