On the cancer trail in rural KwaZulu-Natal

Joan van Dyk

Early screening for cervical cancer can be a lifesaver but are nonprofit organisations enough to fill the gap in KZN's crumbling system?

What sex workers and clients really want you to know about the business of sex

Ruvi Tenga, Zia Wasserman

Making sex work safer can slow down the rate of new HIV infections and also address gender-based violence, studies have shown.

'My neighbour murdered nearly all of my family, but now we are friends'

Amandas Ong

Thanks to a pioneering project survivors and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide now live side by side in 'reconciliation villages'.

Vacancy: Bhekisisa programme associate

Bhekisisa team

Do you have proven experience in the nonprofit sector and want to learn more about international development and donors? This job could be for you.

Vacancy: Bhekisisa engagement and collaborations officer

Bhekisisa team

Come work with us to help support exciting new partnerships and creative new ways of audience engagement online and in communities.

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Five things you didn't know about human milk banks

We take a look at some of the unlikely customers hitting up SA's breast milk banks.

This costs just cents and could prevent half-a-million children from going blind

The substance is critical in pregnancy and in the development of children; a lack of it has dire consequences.

[WATCH] Cancer care crisis in KwaZulu-Natal

Find out why cancer care in KwaZulu-Natal is on the brink of collapse.