Tens of thousands of children may starve to death in Boko Haram-affected areas

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The conflict has left health services and agriculture in shambles. Unicef says it has just 13% of the money it needs to stave off deaths.

Love in the time of Ebola: A story of love and connection in post-Ebola Sierra Leone

For six months Bankolay Turay and his sweetheart could only communicate via phone and text as the the Ebola crisis swept across West Africa.

[From our archives] The unforgiving days of too much wine and never enough roses

Mia Malan

A cruel, unrelenting cycle of poverty, drinking and fetal alcohol syndrome robs families of all hope.

Camel clinics bring much needed healthcare to rural communities in Kenya

Seminomadic tribes who otherwise would not receive medical care benefit from camel clinics.

Five things you might not know about your vagina but probably should

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Science is learning more about your vagina. So should you.

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Let’s talk about sex, baby – help is just an SMS away for young people in Mozambique

​Nearly 36 000 young Mozambicans have signed up for SMS-based health counselling but will the new technology curb HIV infections?

#AIDS2016: Sex workers stuck in a tug of war between science and conservatism

Is the South African Law Commission's recommendation to sentence convicted sex workers to 'diversion programmes' a latest symptom of a country torn?

​#AIDS2016: 'Blessers' are the engine behind the rapid spread of HIV in young women

'Blessers' form a crucial link in a cycle of HIV transmission that South Africa has not been able to break.