Could South Africa's next national HIV plan call for the decriminalisation of drug use?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Almost 300 000 South Africans will contract HIV this year. The country may be targeting a crucial five-year window to stem the tide of new infections.

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: Closed for business

During the Ebola crisis, banks, borders and markets were closed for over six months. The ban on Sunday markets still hasn't been lifted.

South Africa is placed on alert for ‘superbug’ as drug-resistant yeast infections rise globally

Pontsho Pilane

Health experts warn of a potentially fatal fungal infection that is said to be spreading in hospitals.

Data does not support the claim that 1 in 10 African girls miss school because of menstruation

Kate Wilkinson

A number of small studies have been conducted in African countries on the effect of menstruation on girls’ school attendance.

Hundreds of protestors descend on DTI's Pretoria offices demanding access to affordable medicines

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Think paying your medical aid premiums every month ensures you access to the drugs you need when you get sick? Think again.

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Mental shift: Yoga makes its way behind the walls of South African prisons

Mindfulness has seen a resurgence in popularity and is slowly making its way behind the walls of prisons worldwide, including those in South Africa.

Life Esidimeni patient deaths are a wake up call that came too late

The callous disregard shown at many levels for the wellbeing of vulnerable people proved fatal.

Is the anti-sugar tax lobby taking a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook?

Major studies have established a link between a high sugar intake and coronary heart disease.