[LISTEN] Health MEC: '#LifeEsidimeni families' voices were muffled’

New Gauteng health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa speaks about the Life Esidimeni tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 94 mental health patients.

#LifeEsidimeni: Patients still missing after deadly move from state care

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Gauteng health department hopes to avoid legal battle as more bodies are discovered.

#Budget2017: A sugar tax can yield a R4bn sweetener for good health

Pontsho Pilane

Our obese nation could be slimmed down and help limit chronic diseases such heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

Service delivery starts with data. See who's been missing from the spreadsheets

Dominic Haslam

Without accurate data, maginalised groups risk being left behind - again.

When is an abortion legal?

Ina Skosana

Find out when you can terminate a pregnancy and who should be doing it.

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'I became a bully because my dad abused my mom'

Why do children bully? We look at some of the factors that lead to this behaviour.

'It didn't take long for [the fetus] to come out. There was a human-like form.'

Left with little choice, many women turn to illegal abortionists to terminate their pregnancies.

Two drugs could be the key to quicker TB cures

Patients were no longer infectious after just two months of treatment — faster than almost all drugs ever recorded.