Will my medical expenses get paid if I become suicidal?

Ina Skosana, Joan van Dyk

Medical aids cover far less for psychiatric illnesses than they do for physical ailments.

How to tell if your child has autism

Pontsho Pilane, Demelza Bush

What do you do if you suspect your child has autism? We answer these and other questions about the disorder.

'We visit these clinics at night so people don't see us'

Benard Kimani

In Kenya, nocturnal HIV clinics attract sex workers and truck drivers, because they keep the same hours as their clients

Hearts: R1.5 million. Kidneys: R3.5 million. Can you really buy organs in Cape Town?

Joan van Dyk

Why languish in illness when the poor could be used to help you live long and prosper? A dubious advertisement recently advocated.

Do single people wind up dead sooner in South Africa?

A recent article suggested that single South Africans can live longer by getting married, based on Statistics SA mortality data.

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[From our archives] Binge-beating Banting: Why Tim's take is hard to stomach

This summer, get the body you want with a healthy, balanced eating plan, instead of relying on fad diets.

In good hands: Mozambique's nurses take up the scalpel for safer births

Surgical technicians have helped halve maternal death rates in Mozambique.

How to fund a failing health system

Could Zimbabwe's new Health Development Fund rescue the country's cash-strapped clinics and hospitals?