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The Ramadan fast can have significant health benefits for those who observe it.

Ramadan 2016: How the fast can help your health

Some research suggests that fasting not only has spiritual benefits but physical ones as well.

Are you a COVID-19 health worker? We’d like to tell your story

Whether you work in a hospital in the epicentre of South Africa’s COVID-19 outbreak in Cape Town or a clinic in the rural Eastern...
Motsoaledi: What the NHI will mean for you - and your tax credits

Motsoaledi finds HPCSA in state of ‘dysfunction’

A task team set up by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has found the HPCSA has failed to function effectively.
Simple solution: A fixed-dose combination ARV pill should make distribution and patient compliance easier.

ARVs deliver (when delivered)

A new single-dose drug is freely available after a bumpy start.
South Africa’s healthcare system could collapse if the government does not intervene.

Medical aid board says SA has no choice but to back NHI

The industry body says the dwindling number of medical aid members means the government must act.
South Africa’s rolled out the world’s first pill-popping ATMs. Now what?

How to get South Africans to buy into the next big thing in medicine

These ATMs can decrease the number of patients in clinics but health workers are not helping to achieve that goal.
Protestors from the One in Nine Campaign stage a demonstration. Constitutional Court judge Zak Yacoob said in 2014 that he ‘believed the Zuma trial was not about finding the truth" but about story telling.

Khwezi speaks: ‘I did not do it to win. I was just fighting for...

In a new book, Redi Tlhabi reveals the woman behind the pseudonym and the price she paid for pursuing justice after accusing Jacob Zuma of rape.
Survivor: Douglas Muzanenhamo says Harare Remand Prison was hell on earth.

Nursing Zim prisons back to health

One man's mission to bring sanitary sanity and dignity to those kept behind bars.
Free pads or free condoms? It's a false dichotomy when people with uteruses are the ones who need both.

Free pads versus free condoms: Why we can’t afford this debate

Why the debate misses the very gendered point in a country where people with uteruses remain disproportionally affected by HIV.
The V female condom has a thin pouch

The female condom showdown: Lovers Plus Inner Condom, the Cupid and the V

South Africa is pumping more money into female condom distribution. We look at what's on the market and what's to come for the femidom.

Three things that will shape the national health insurance here… and beyond

By now, most politicians in sub-Saharan Africa agree: State-sponsored health insurance is a non-negotiable when it comes to universal healthcare. In countries farther ahead...

Eastern Cape health workers wait up to one month for COVID-19 test results

Provinces hard hit by COVID-19 rush to fast-track the diagnosing of health workers as South Africa’s cases surge Eastern Cape healthcare workers are waiting...
Many women mistakenly believe that mastectomy is the only or the safest way of dealing with their cancer.

Breasts: Five things to know about them and their care

Did you know? Good care is out there in public and private hospitals, but check your medical aid
Budget on wellness: Bill Gates says Africa should invest in high-quality primary healthcare systems.

How can Africa settle its health bill?

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates speaks to the Mail & Guardian about Africa's health challenges.

South Africans aren’t being protected from fake sanitisers: What needs to be done

Sanitiser stockouts left governments to turn to more unconventional suppliers at the beginning of the year. Here’s why a lack of regulations in South...
Asylum seekers wait to apply for permits at Home Affairs in Marabastad. The Help@Hand app helps refugees and asylum seekers to access services.

Xenophobia: Refugees get an sms service to report abuse

Often sidelined outsiders can now use their cellphones to establish their rights, get answers about general issues and lodge complaints.