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Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will announce his decision about when and how to implement the new ARV guidelines before the end of March

HIV-infected South Africans on ARVs could double

New World Health Organisation guidelines recommend anyone infected with HIV is put on ARVs, regardless of their CD4 count.

3 ways COVID sped up SA’s medicine approvals process — and how it can...

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) was forced to speed up its review of new medicines such as vaccines, while still ensuring that they were safe and effective.
Desperation: Poverty drives Malawi sex workers

On the road: Lifeline for sex workers and truck drivers emerges along trade route

A chain of clinics is helping to save lives on Malawi's border with Mozambique.

It’s your last shot at getting a Pfizer vaccine. Here’s how South Africa’s roll-out...

Just under a third of South Africa’s remaining COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer are set to expire by July. After that, any unused doses will have to be destroyed. Until then the health department is trying to increase uptake of the doses and donate spare shots.

An inconvenient truth: The real reason why Africa is not getting vaccinated

Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have said low vaccine uptake in Africa is due to increasing hesitancy on the continent. But the truth is inequitable distribution of COVID vaccines have left Africa as a vaccine desert.

More than just a footnote: ‘African authors are under-represented as first authors — positions...

A survey of 198 global health organisations showed that nearly 90% were headquartered in North America or Western Europe, with boards dominated by men. COMMENT The field of...
The health department has proposed accrediting public hospitals to provide c-sections as a way of improving the safety of the procedures across the country.

This is putting SA’s women in the grave, so what’s the health department doing...

Pregnancy in South Africa is getting safer, but still not safe enough. Here’s what the health department says they’re doing about it.

The world could see a COVID-19 vaccine by next year — here’s who will...

Even if a jab is shown to work, there won’t be enough doses for everyone. Countries such as South Africa would need to make tough decisions about who it would give the vaccine to — and more importantly how to create a system to get it to them.

What developing countries can teach the Global North about how to respond to a...

When it comes to leadership and innovation, there's much that industrialised nations can learn. Nine months into the pandemic, Europe remains one of...
Faux facts are travelling at lightning speed across the internet and they're bad for your health.

The rise of anti-vaxxer bots: Fake news is going viral — & it’s bad...

How do you outrun a lie when science shows misinformation spreads faster than fact?
By 2030

New medical school slated for Eastern Cape

Another school could be on the cards for the North West province as well.
Period tax: Although funding has allowed for the first round of free pad deliveries in KwaZulu-Natal

#FreeToBleed: Here’s why Mboweni’s announcement of free & tax-free pads matters

Choosing between eating & bleeding through your uniform has a cost. Take a look at the reality behind the budget in this one from our archives.

How not to run a vaccine clinical trial – The Sputnik case study

Russia’s COVID vaccine, Sputnik V, is plagued by a series of red flags and question marks surrounding its clinical trials and results. Here’s how the jab took a shortcut and created sceptics about its underlying science.
Boys prepare fishing boats for night fishing in Lake Tanganyika at sunset.

Fishing and family planning – how the two are linked

Sometimes, delivering mixed messages is a good thing, as an integrated project in the Lake Tanganyika region has proved.
A new online tool lets you calculate your chances of falling pregnant via IVF.

How the death of two Ugandan mothers is helping entrench the right to health...

The case has already contributed to improved jurisprudence on socioeconomic rights in Uganda