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Social media has become a breading ground for racism and other harmful behaviour.

Black? A woman? Read why you’re more likely to be a victim of online...

Are social media algorithms designed to prey the mental health of women and people of colour?
Mbeki was ousted as president in 2008

Snub Mbeki like he did Nkosi

About 35 000 babies could have been born without HIV had the president listened to the boy.

Life on a hotter earth: Depression, drought & decolonising mental health

As the climate crisis worsens, arid parts of South Africa are expected to get even hotter and even more water-scarce. In Australia, drought’s taken...
As multiple drug suppliers are failing to keep up with demand

South Africa faces paediatric cancer drug shortage as suppliers fail to meet demand

Stock-outs may be a blow to children already fighting for survival.
Old news: The ANC Gauteng Chief Whip and former health MEC Brian Hlongwa says recent headline-grabbing allegations are not new. In fact

Hlongwa responds to SIU report: ‘I arranged to hand myself over to the Hawks’

The chief whip says recent media reports were first to alert him that the SIU had completed its investigation into alleged corruption under his watch.

‘Everyone should wear a cloth mask.’ But do they work?

Guidelines around the world are changing to recommend the use of masks. But you still shouldn’t be buying medical masks - rather make your...
Governments will have to snuggle up to private healthcare companies to plug the $300-billion gap they need for universal health coverage.

Too much of a good thing: SA’s epidemic of over-treatment is paying off for...

Is a lack of competition fuelling unnecessary care at your expense?
Many do not understand the anguish during menstrual pain and simply brush it off as 'norm' for women.

Period pains can be debilitating, but they can also be treated

Many women suffer from menstrual cramps extreme enough to confine them to bed, but treatment is available that can provide effective relief.
Despite an outrage from more conservative sources about contraceptives in schools

Contraception at schools on Gauteng’s agenda

Gender activists have welcomed talks between two departments about ways to reduce teenage pregnancies, but no decision has yet been taken.

How do vaccines work when you have HIV or cancer? Three questions answered

Why should you wait for two weeks after a flu jab before getting vaccinated for COVID, and is it safe to get a shot if you have a weak immune system? We break it down.
Bar scene Burst

Will Ramaphosa announce an end to South Africa’s national alcohol ban today?

South Africa loses about 170 citizens to alcohol-related deaths each day, research shows. (Delwyn Verasamy, M&G)
Intuitive: Josephine Masedi is a self-taught midwife

Allay the dangers of maternity by honouring rural custom

Many women consult traditional healers, so it makes sense to enlist these cultural leaders in public health education.

Q&A: Will rapid antibody tests save us?

South Africa needs to test 12 times more people per day for the new coronavirus than it currently does. Our testing plan can only...
The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture released a report

Gang violence exposes children to mental instability

Children who are exposed to gangsterism are at greater risk of becoming perpetrators of violence themselves, according to a study in Mannenberg.

Should health experts be on Twitter? Here’s why it can be your own printing...

Public health officials and journalists are like two peas in a pod — they need each other. You're a public health official and want...

SA’s COVID vaccine drive – 5 problems and solutions from rural South Africa

Rural provinces such the Eastern Cape and Limpopo are winning South Africa’s vaccination race. Here are the problems the far-flung vaccine sites have faced and how they were solved.