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Gifted: Dembe Ndou keeps the pupils and teachers entertained with her beautiful voice and extraordinary skill on the keyboard.

Autism and its uncommon angels

Dembe Ndou learned to play piano in no time at all, but simply chatting is a complex challenge.
Being bilingual is better for your brain. Now

Speak more than one language? This is what it does to your brain.

Speaking more than one language could lead to better tests scores and even being a more empathetic person.
Previous calls to decriminalise drug use

National HIV plan scraps calls to decriminalise drug use

Contraception may be finally coming to a secondary school near you.
Some lower functioning Care Haven Psychiatric Centre residents are guided through drawing and reading with a staff member as part of a daily programme to keep them active

The promise and peril of ditching South Africa’s psychiatric hospitals

Community mentalhealth care can be better for patients and health systems if it's done right. Find out how one organisation is making it work.
In 2016

Is racism making our children sick?

Children who experience discrimination may be more at risk of mental and physical ill-health.
The SA government needs to make a back-up plan for spending on HIV/Aids

HIV infections in children under five down by over three quarters

A study has found that child-focused interventions have significantly reduced HIV-infection rates in children under the age of five.

#LifeEsidimeni: ‘The media was out to tarnish the image of the department’

Makgabo Manamela is one of three officials implicated by the health ombud in the tragedy. Here’s a snapshot of her testimony during arbitration.
Blind and partially sighted children are deprived of quality education in South Africa.

‘Horrendous’ state of schools for the blind in the spotlight

Civil society bodies are meeting education officials to formulate an urgent response to the shortage of tools and teachers for the visually impaired.
March against graft: Members of the Treatment Action Campaign protest outside the offices of the Free State health department in Bloemfontein last year.

Crisis? What crisis? Africa Check tests Free State health claims

With last year's provincial medical services data now available, Africa Check questions the Free State health's assertions of "significant progress".
Reportedly up to 80% of women infected with HPV don’t develop cancer with their “immune systems clearing it out naturally”.

Cervical cancer’s deadly contradiction

Despite cervical cancer being the most preventable form of cancer, it is afflicting more South African women than any other kind.
Simple solution: A fixed-dose combination ARV pill should make distribution and patient compliance easier.

ARVs deliver (when delivered)

A new single-dose drug is freely available after a bumpy start.
Trumped: The US takes its controversial stances over abortion to the United Nations. (Shealah Craighead)

SA US face-off over the world’s first declaration on universal healthcare

The US takes its controversial stances over abortion to the United Nations (Photo: Shealah Craighead)
If the percentage of overweight people continues to rise at its current rate

Obese outnumber undernourished

There are almost two and a half times more overweight people than undernourished, with almost 30% of the global population weighing too much.
Remembering the dead: Mental health activists protesting outside the Life Esidimeni arbitration hearings in Johannesburg.

#LifeEsidimeni: Did Mahlangu keep David Makhura in the dark?

More than a hundred protesters gathered this week outside the arbitration meetings as Mahlangu took the stand.
Almost half of all Kenyan women aged 15 to 49 years have a child under the age of five. For most of these women

How women who work are held back by a lack of quality daycare in...

The increasingly disjointed nature of life in urban slums means there’s no network of family support for mothers who want to work.
Decriminalising sex work could prevent between a third and almost half of all new HIV infections globally in the next 10 years among workers and clients.

I’m a nurse and this is why SA should decriminalise sex work

Why would humanitarian workers support the call to decriminalize sex work? Sometimes bombs, floods aren't the only threats to our patients.