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An inconvenient truth: The real reason why Africa is not getting vaccinated

Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have said low vaccine uptake in Africa is due to increasing hesitancy on the continent. But the truth is inequitable distribution of COVID vaccines have left Africa as a vaccine desert.
The high cost of care means that many people cannot afford treatment for bipolar

The high cost of being bipolar

Patients are subject to wild mood swings and costly spending sprees,but they can be treated with the right medicine - and a lot of money.
Why you shouldn't be ashamed of your period

Why treasury won’t support a fall in the tampon tax

Pontsho Pilane recently presented a proposal to Parliament to introduce free pads for poor people who menstruate. Here’s what she learned.
Maternal mortality in Uganda continues to be a development challenge.

Save a little money, save a little life

A grassroots Ugandan health initiative has significantly reduced maternal deaths.

Seizures of illicit chloroquine skyrocket during COVID-19 outbreak — Interpol

With substandard medicines already in wide circulation, fears are growing that coronavirus could create a lethal ‘parallel crisis’. When Joana Opoku-Darko’s daughter Anna was 18...
Cyril Ramaphosa lockdown coronavirus

Ramaphosa: COVID-19 lockdown regulations to ease on 1 May but it’s not business as...

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, addresses the nation on the measures to be taken to re-open the country and move beyond the nation-wide lockdown.

Why South Africa stopped making vaccines

The high demand for COVID vaccines means there are limited global supplies. Local manufacturing is one potential solution to this problem. So why isn’t South Africa making its own jabs? Find out.
Transparency International

Transparency International staff complain of bullying and harassment

Corruption watchdog accused of promoting ‘toxic’ workplace culture that silenced critical voices. Anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International has been accused of promoting a “toxic” internal environment of bullying...
In order to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus to South Africa

Ebola: SA bans travel to and from high risk countries

The government has banned travel between South Africa and 'high risk' countries to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus to the country.

Cape Town COVID-19 vaccine trial comes under fire from activists

The small study looking to repurpose an old TB vaccine could help add to a growing field of science that asks, can you really reprogramme your immune system?
Prophetess Odasani says she drives out the spirits afflicting women who come to her backstreet ‘church’ in Palermo.

‘Juju curse’ binds trafficked women into sex slavery

Traditional West African ‘healers’ and Sicilian psychiatrists are struggling to help free Nigerian women forced into prostitution.

Four lessons from 40 years of HIV: Why COVID doesn’t end with equitable vaccine...

Inequity in COVID vaccine access echoes mistakes from the HIV response. In the forty years since Aids was first identified, there have also been several lessons on how to contain a pandemic. Starting with equity and supporting health systems.
Governments should promote accurate knowledge about breastfeeding and implement policies — like paid maternity leave — to give women the time they need to breastfeed exclusively.

‘Forced’ sterilisation of HIV women violates rights

Women's advocacy groups are lodging a formal complaint against the "coerced" sterilisation of HIV-infected women, saying it defies state policy.
What we learn on the playground about gender and violence may never be unlearned - and it could shape your child forever.

Sex, soccer and social media

A Nigerian and a Kenyan use social media and the football pitch to discuss contraceptives and stop pregnancy.
Brown Lekekela's organisation

Vimba! Bhekisisa app helps Diepsloot women and children access help when raped

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Bhekisisa is launching a free gender-based violence helpline in Diepsloot
A health worker hides their face while holding a placard detailing shortcomings at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in 2014. This year

Operation by cellphone light: Bara bosses blamed

Poor management at Bara hospital left doctors with no choice but to operate on a patient using only the light from cellphones and iPads, says Sama.