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Four lessons from 40 years of HIV: Why COVID doesn’t end with equitable vaccine...

Inequity in COVID vaccine access echoes mistakes from the HIV response. In the forty years since Aids was first identified, there have also been several lessons on how to contain a pandemic. Starting with equity and supporting health systems.
Talking about you and the loo: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's latest annual letter was released Tuesday.

Five ways to save the world, according to Bill & Melinda Gates

The philanthropic duo give their two cents or rather $200-million on how to deal with the world's inequalities.
Disabled: Bongani Ngcobo has multidrug-resistant tuberculosis but has been refused a government grant

[From our archives] TB man’s shirt too nice for a grant

South Africa has disability grants but a doctor deemed his tuberculosis patient was not poor enough.

Bad science goes up in smoke: Why smokers were never protected from COVID

Early pandemic research pointed to smokers not being at risk of severe COVID-19. This turned out to be false. Here’s why the slow pace of science means it’s easy for people to latch onto extraordinary claims despite a lack of strong evidence.
Bittersweet: Homeopaths insist they are trained diagnosticians and study subjects such as anatomy in a bid to ensure they recognise medical conditions and provide appropriate treatment.

‘Magic’ vs science: Matter of choice

Homeopathy may now be regulated but many remedies remain untested.

When all else fails: Why people opt for backstreet abortions

Abortion is legal in South Africa. But bad treatment, stigma, a lack of privacy and long waiting periods for abortions at government clinics can drive people to illegal providers. A reproductive health researcher and an abortion doctor explain backroom abortions and what can be done to make it easier to go the safe route instead.
Because of the complexity of the malaria parasite

Innovation and technology will help to wipe out malaria

With the help of new technologies, global health organisations aim to eliminate malaria in Africa in the next 15 years.

The magistrate’s tail: How these pets are helping child rape victims get justice

In court, comfort for the tiniest victims of sexual abuse can come from the unlikeliest of places. “All rise,” a voice declares as the...
The department of social development has long relied on international donors to pay for the counselling rape survivors need. Is it time for SA to finally foot the bill?

Bathabile Dlamini & the case of SA’s disappearing rape crisis services

Under Dlamini's time as minister of social development, centres lost funding for counselling services. Now, no one can say what the future holds.

44 experts to design details of NHI scheme from January 2023

Forty-four new National Health Insurance (NHI) positions, based at the national health department head office in Tshwane, will be advertised in the coming weeks and filled by January 2023.
Jasper Hoon is fighting for justice after two doctors misdiagnosed his deep vein thrombosis in his leg.

HPCSA ‘protecting’ hypocratic oafs

A man has taken two specialists to task for a "misdiagnosis" that nearly cost him his foot
Sub chief Mabhokomela Bonakele has shut down shebeens at night

[From our archives] Booze curfew breaks the cycle of violence on the Wild Coast

In a far-flung district, a night-time ban on shebeens has wiped out violence in a village.

Nursing SA back to health

The government has set several commendable goals but will have to improve its delivery.
An application by Wouter Basson for the recusal the committee of HPSCA currently conducting an inquiry into his conduct has failed.

Basson recusal application fails

The petition in question was initiated by the People's Health Movement, not the South African Medical Association or the Rural Doctors Association.
Mozambique is in need of LGBT-friendly health facilities.

HIV infection highest among men who have sex with men

Durban’s 48.2% HIV rate among MSM is more than SA’s highest infection rate – 37.4% among pregnant women in Kwazulu-Natal.
Employees at Messina hospital strike against the actions of their clinical chief executive officer Dr Allick Dube.

Fresh woes for dodgy doctor

A new complaint has been filed against Limpopo doctor Allick Dube.