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These doctors want to work in SA’s rural hospitals. But there’s no money to...

A scholarship programme has been producing doctors for South Africa’s understaffed rural hospitals since 1999, but provinces don’t have the money to employ their recent graduates. Could the country’s planned National Health Insurance scheme fix this?

Are there really HIV drugs in nyaope?

We did a little digging and asked the questions you really want to know: Like can HIV medication really get you high? And just how likely is it that these drugs are being cut with the street drug.
Sex work and soccer: More alike than you think?

Sex work and soccer: More alike than you think?

One in three sex workers in South Africa say they’ve been raped by a police officer. Could a change in the law solve this?

[WATCH] Zweli Mkhize presents the health budget and the National Health Insurance Bill

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize introduces the National Health Insurance Bill, which will create a central healthcare fund overseen by his office.
Find out what today's Echo Trial results could mean for people who use the Depo-Provera birth control shot.

[WATCH] The long-awaited ECHO Trial results are released

For 25 years, scientists have wondered whether the Depo-Provera could increase people’s risk of contracting HIV. Today, we find out if it does.
The ECHO trial is out: Depo Provera doesn't lead to HIV

The ECHO trial is out: Depo Provera doesn’t lead to HIV

After 30 years of speculation about whether the three month shot makes women more likely to contract HIV, we finally have an answer.
The condom showdown: We put government’s new 'love gloves' to the test

The condom showdown: We put government’s new ‘love gloves’ to the test

The South African department of health's free condoms go head-to-head with the name brand competition.
There's more to gender than 'men' & 'women'. Here's why.

There’s more to gender than ‘men’ & ‘women’. Here’s why

Cisgender, transgender, non-binary. What does it all mean? We give you the low down.

How to get doctors to work outside cities

The unequal distribution of South Africa’s doctors isn’t limited to the public vs private sector gap. Health workers' willingness to work in rural areas plays a role too. Most medical school graduates end up settling in urban areas.

[VIDEO] Paw patrol: These pooches are helping put child abusers behind bars

For child victims of sexual abuse, testifying in court can be scary and traumatic. Turns out, our furry friends may be able to help. Watch this video and find out more.

[VIDEO] Why spanking your children is bad for them

Think spanking your kid is harmless and plan on ignoring last month’s Constitutional Court ruling banning corporal punishment at home? You may want to watch this video.

[ICYMI] Zweli Mkhize unveils the National Health Insurance Bill

WATCH LIVE: Zweli Mkhize unveils the National Health Insurance Bill.

[WATCH] The right people are getting into medical school: More than 90% of medical...

The pass rate for medical students is much higher than for other high entry requirement degrees such as engineering and biology. This video explains why.

[WATCH] Where SA’s specialist doctors go when managers aren’t looking

Government hospitals face shortages of specialist doctors. To make it worse, not all of them are showing up to work.

[WATCH] What makes a good doctor? Why school marks aren’t everything

A doctor’s race and the language they speak can play a role in the kind of care they provide - depending on their patient’s race and language.

[WATCH] Starry nights over city lights: Why this doctor wants to work in rural...

Doctor Thulani Ngwenya has no plans to leave his job at Bethesda Hospital near Ubombo in rural KwaZulu-Natal for a post in a city....