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South Africa legalised abortion decades ago but a lack of information on where to get one and health workers willing to terminate pregnancies still stand between people and safe abortions.

Medical conscientious objectors who scupper abortions deny women their rights

Conscientious objectors who refuse to perform abortions or related services for moral reasons may have become a law unto themselves.
Some lawyers literally raid schools for the disabled

Paying it forward: South Africa’s law should give all fathers and adoptive parents paid...

Getting parents more involved in childcare is good for a child’s health and prospects in life. South Africa needs to get with the programme.
Patients' removal from the hospital was opposed at every step by activists and families

Life Esidimeni patient deaths are a wake up call that came too late

The callous disregard shown at many levels for the wellbeing of vulnerable people proved fatal.
Junior doctors lives stand still as they wait to be paid after the human resource staff failed to capture their details to the payroll system on time.

A life-saving shift: New reductions in doctors’ hours are still far off the mark

Research shows that any shift longer than 16 hours puts doctors and patients at risk.
Birth control: Which one's best for you?

Could your favourite birth control put you at risk of HIV?

A Cape Town study could finally provide the answer to whether there is a link between the shot and HIV infection risk.

Malawi’s sick prisons: Inmates go hungry as budgets dwindle and food prices soar

As a food crisis unfolds in the country, prisons lack money to purchase even simple food stuffs such as maize flour and beans.
Governments should promote accurate knowledge about breastfeeding and implement policies — like paid maternity leave — to give women the time they need to breastfeed exclusively.

Breast is best: Exclusive breastfeeding could turn Africa’s child mortality tide

Malnutrition is a leading cause of death in under-fives, but there’s a simple — and free — solution that could save lives.
After Malema adopted a healthy lifestyle and shed extra pounds

EFF’s Julius Malema loses extra kilos and the fat cats jeer

Speculation swirled around Malema after he dropped extra kilos, showing dangerous associations between being thin and being sick still plague Africa.
Where will newly qualified doctors go if provinces are being told to scale back staff under budget pressures?

Curing a sick system: Doctors and nurses must speak out for patients and themselves

Medicine shouldn’t be the only thing on the books at our medical schools. Here are some tips for healthcare workers to handle abuse.
By discounting the role that poverty and inequality play in HIV

Helen, listen to Charlize. Inequality and poverty don’t cause HIV but they do fuel...

More than 30 years into the epidemic, HIV continues to hold a mirror to society and exposes our prejudices and injustices
Helen Zille's short-sighted tweets about HIV and Aids fuel HIV stigma.

​#AIDS2016: Yes, Helen Zille racism and inequality do fuel the spread of HIV

The Western Cape premier should know that inequality, not just science, lies at the root of the Aids epidemic.
Despite a strong HIV programme response

#AIDS2016: HIV is a social issue and requires a new tack to end the...

The government needs to spend much more on nonmedical interventions, and that comes down to changing the way people interact.
Better prevention strategies are helping to stem the tide of HIV.

From medical circumcision to vaccines, these seven things will change HIV

We know more than ever about how to prevent HIV infection, including what may someday lead to the world's first HIV vaccine.
Jacob Zuma's political leadership on HIV and Aids is inconsistent.

​#AIDS2016: When last did you hear South African President Jacob Zuma say, ‘HIV’?

The country's political commitment to the fight against HIV cannot be judged solely by the accomplishments of a few government departments.
HIV is spreading faster among teenage girls and young women than in any other group in South Africa.

#AIDS2016: Youth will lead the way to an Aids-free generation – Ramaphosa

​Education and opportunity are key to stemming the tide of HIV in South Africa's young women.
One country, one healthcare system was a theme at Ramaphosa's summit

#AIDS2016: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi admits that ‘key leaders were in denial’

South African health minister calls AIDS denialism an 'unlucky' moment for a country that has since become a leader in HIV treatment, prevention.