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Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Minister wants to stop patient rip-offs

Mia Malan speaks to the health minister and others in the healthcare sector about the guideline tariffs.
Cutting costs: The Health Professions Council says the lack of tariff guidelines adds to spiraling healthcare costs.

Dummies’ guide to medical tariffs

Health professionals are finding the state's planned guidelines for fees a bitter pill to swallow.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Minister wants to stop patient rip-offs

Mia Malan speaks to the health minister and others in the healthcare sector about the guideline tariffs

NHI: History repeats itself

Universal healthcare schemes traditionally have been met with fierce opposition.

The lockdown women planning their escape from abusive homes

Cases of domestic violence tick up while shelters lose their income and scramble to get ready for the silent, second crisis...

Home sweet hell: Calls for help surge from women locked down with abusers

Research from previous crises suggests violence against women and children will only get worse as the pandemic rages on.

Employed vs. unemployed: Who is more likely to test HIV positive?

You’re far more likely to be offered an HIV test at a government health facility than at your GP or workplace...
What to ask politicians as a mother

It’s time to get tough on crime… in our maternity wards?

Women – many of them mothers – constitute more than half of the population. What should moms think of before casting their vote?
The Council for Medical Schemes estimates that fraud

Billions lost: Doctors, hospitals and medical aid members collude to commit fraud

The Special Investigating Unit says it is actively targeting fraudsters in the private healthcare sector.
Doctors and nurses were held at gunpoint to stop giving patients treatment.

What to do about South Africa’s unemployed doctors

It’s official. Austerity budgets may be here to stay. Here’s how South Africa should be working with what it’s got to provide healthcare.
Former Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu still sits on the provincial executive committee.

Hlongwa, Mahlangu remain on high-level ANC body despite ban on public office

Read the ANC Gauteng executive committee statement on embattled former health MECs Brian Hlongwa and Qedani Mahlangu as well as former Emfuleni mayor.
Why end-of-life care is more than just making mere health decisions.

Dying with dignity is priceless. Oddly enough, it may also be more cost-effective.

Letting doctors know what type of end-of-life care you’re comfortable with results in a more dignified death and lower hospital costs.
Naloxone is cheap

Saved: How drug users gained the power to reverse overdoses

Find out how drug users banded together to use a simple injection to save thousands of lives.
“[The female officer]  was going to teach all the 'prostitutes' a lesson. The male police officers grabbed those ladies so the lady could force the [used] condoms into each lady’s mouth

One in three sex workers surveyed report being sexually abused by police

Sex workers tell of being tortured, including being beaten with sjamboks.
Natalie Lewis believes if the health department investigated her mother's death this could have prevented 180 people from dying from listeriosis.

#Listeriosis: Meet the family that lost two loved ones

Long before red flags were raised, this family fell victim to listeriosis. And this week, tragedy has struck again.
We really might be able to teach an old dog new tricks.

Can you can turn yourself into a broccoli-loving, marathon-running genius?

We used to believe our brains couldn’t be changed. Now we believe they can – if we want it enough. But is that true?