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Come back for boosters: Why time alone is not enough to get people to...

Fully vaccinated adults in South Africa will be able to choose whether to get the Johnson & Johnson or the Pfizer vaccine when they queue for a booster dose.

What we’ve learnt from half a decade of unanswered calls at clinics

Bhekisisa has worked to create an updated database of telephone numbers for South Africa’s public sector abortion clinics since 2017. We’re still at it, and we’re proud to present the only tool that gives people the information they need without having to spend money on airtime or transport.

Hell is 16 000 unanswered telephones. The low tech problem blocking abortions

Abortion services only got a national “how to” document for doctors 23 years after termination of pregnancy was legalised in South Africa. And while the new rules go a long way to remove barriers to ending a pregnancy, non-profits say crucial information such as a simple list of telephone numbers is still lacking.

Need an abortion? Find clinics you can trust here

This database shows you where you can find safe family planning services near you. It’s verified two to four times a year by a dedicated team of data capturers and ‘secret shopper’ callers.

Are you stuck at home with your abuser? This tool can help

This free tool will point you to gender-based violence services closest to you – no mobile data required.

People should have access to abortion services. Do you agree? We’ve got a paying...

Bhekisisa and the Triad Trust are teaming up to track South Africa’s sexual health services such as abortion, family planning and counselling services for survivors of gender-based violence. Help us expand this free database.

Pills and phone calls: How COVID restrictions forced us to conduct abortions telephonically

COVID-19 forced many people’s jobs online – even for doctors who provide abortions. Read what Marie Stopes learned when they helped nearly 50 patients terminate pregnancies over the phone.

If we invested in this today, South Africa could save billions — and fight...

Community healthcare workers have become what some have called our “heroes on the ground” during COVID-19. By keeping more people healthier for longer, and increasing productivity, these workers could save South Africa more than R400-billion over 10 years. The question is, when will the country recognise them as integral and pivotal players in the health system?

South Africa’s investments into health innovation prove important in the COVID-19 response

Planning for the pandemic has to include sexual and reproductive health services. If not, we risk saving women from the new coronavirus but leaving them to die during childbirth, unsafe abortions or at the hands of their partners.

People still have sex during outbreaks — forgetting it can be deadly

Planning for the pandemic has to include sexual and reproductive health services. If not, we risk saving women from the new coronavirus but leaving them to die during childbirth, unsafe abortions or at the hands of their partners.
Donald Trump deleted reproductive justice from the historic UN declaration on universal healthcare.

Border walls don’t stop viruses. But this might

Both the United States and South Africa have punted increased border security as a way to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Here's why South Africa should be thinking less about walls and more about amnesty as cases mount.

Reality check: Women are victims twice over. Here’s why, says Tlaleng Mofokeng

High rates of sexual and gender-based violence and low access to safe abortions prove deadly for South Africa's women, writes activist Tlaleng Mofokeng.
pregnancy crisis centre

How US anti-abortion groups are funding South Africa’s ‘pregnancy crisis centres’

In 2018, Bhekisisa investigated anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centres in South Africa. Now, an investigation reveals the US right is backing some centres.
|Comprehensive sexuality education

Romeo and Juliet are sexting: Will SA’s new sex-ed prepare children for life, love...

From “sinister sexual behaviours” to “lies” and efforts to “manufacture ignorance”, Joan van Dyk looks at the high-stakes fight to decide what students are taught about their bodies and about sex.
Trumped: The US takes its controversial stances over abortion to the United Nations. (Shealah Craighead)

SA US face-off over the world’s first declaration on universal healthcare

The United Nations declaration on universal health coverage is signed. But will South Africa's National Health Insurance improve services at home?
Editar Ochieng leaves a chemist in Kibera having purchased termination pills. (Kate Holt, The Guardian)

“People have normalised rape … but no one talks about abortion. When I do,...

With terminations outlawed in Kenya, women and girls in its largest slum have to rely on expensive and unreliable under-the-counter pills, toxic chemicals or other homemade remedies.