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Mostly men: Why they die young

Women’s mortality rates have been on the decline since 1950. But progress for men has been much slower. Here’s why lack of action among policymakers has led to trailing improvements in deaths among young men aged 10 to 24 years old.

Put a label on it — or not. How to get South Africans to...

Europe tried putting clearer labels on food to get people eating healthier. But the same approach won’t work in South Africa. Here’s how to get people away from processed food and find healthier, affordable alternatives.

SA teens, you’re up for a vaccine, without your parents’ permission

People between the ages of 12 and 17 will be able to register from 20 October. This group will only be given one dose of the Pfizer vaccine to decrease their chances of developing heart inflammation.

EXCLUSIVE: Every COVID question you’ve wanted to ask Dr Anthony Fauci

We ask the infectious diseases specialist Anthony Fauci 18 questions about the COVID pandemic: from what works to counter vaccine hesitancy to whether life will even return to the normal we knew before COVID-19.

How do vaccines work when you have HIV or cancer? Three questions answered

Why should you wait for two weeks after a flu jab before getting vaccinated for COVID, and is it safe to get a shot if you have a weak immune system? We break it down.
Adrian Ephraim decided to go cold turkey

How to end tobacco use for good: What SA’s COVID tobacco ban has taught...

Local tobacco companies’ market share quadrupled during the country’s temporary sales ban in 2020, overtaking Big Tobacco’s pre-ban monopoly on South Africa’s tobacco industry.

Half of KZN patients have no chronic medication. Here’s how looting affected SA’s COVID...

Vaccines were stolen and many urban vaccine sites had to close as Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal erupted into chaos this past week. The biggest loss however is not vaccines, but the chronic medicines that were looted leaving those with HIV, cancer and diabetes without their medication.

Biovac will “fill and finish” Pfizer’s COVID jab. Here’s how tech transfer works

Biovac will become the first company in Africa to produce Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID jab — but they won't produce the vaccine from scratch. The SA manufacturer will import the drug substance (the active ingredient that makes the vaccine work) from Europe and "fill and finish" the shot in South Africa.

Vaccine hesitancy could derail efforts to end COVID. Here’s how South Africa could fix...

Vaccine hesitancy is nothing new – people have delayed or refused vaccination since immunisations existed. But vaccine hesitancy poses a significant threat to health efforts – particularly during a pandemic.
Fewer than 15 countries on the continent fund more than half of their national immunisation programmes.

AMPing up HIV prevention: An inside look at how the immune system fights off...

The start of this year's HIV Research for Prevention Conference brings with it new findings that show the potential of special antibodies to prevent HIV infection. We unpack the study and break down the key concepts.

SA & India took a stand for COVID-19 patients everywhere. Here’s why African leaders...

Developing nations have the capacity to scale up their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic but they're continually hamstrung by barriers set up by Big Pharma.
(Albert Gonzalez Farran

Young or old: Who should get a COVID-19 jab first?

Mathematicians are exploring models to figure out how COVID vaccines should be distributed to have the biggest impact. Should they give it to older...

Why COVID made autopsies soar

Autopsies offer detail that cannot be found in the living. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a resurgence in these procedures — but not...
Protests by communities

Protests, progress and performance: Here’s what it takes to clean up a provincial health...

In 2018, protests over alleged corruption in the North West health department literally set the province on fire. Cabinet eventually put six of the...

COVID coverings for kids — the World Health Organisation’s mask guidelines

This is what the health authority recommends for children younger than 18. Resource details: Publication title: Advice on the use of masks for children in the...

The lost particles of grief: How COVID-19 is changing death

From grandmothers to gravediggers, the sudden, suffocating deaths of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people in all sectors of South African society. Here’s one...