Resolute in the face of xenophobia

Paddy Harper

Many residents fled after Durban’s third wave of attacks, but to others leaving is just not an option

Cyclone Idai: The girl who was born in a mango tree, above the floods

Simon Allison

Amid the horror of Cyclone Idai are stories of strength, resilience and survival

Letters to the editor: March 29 to April 4


Our readers write in about Azapo, Islamophobia, the elections in the wake of Eskom's woes and failing state-owned enterprises

SA defence in ‘critical decline’

Sipho Kings

South Africa’s response to Cyclone Idai is a serious warning about how poorly equipped the country is to deal with disasters

‘I have to choose between starvation or dying of disease’

Matias Guente

Cyclone Idai has caused severe damage and left people without members of their families, shelter or food to eat