• Inequality took centre stage at the International Aids Society’s bi-annual International Aids Conference in Canada in July.  Some delegates from the Global South were denied the Canadian visas they needed to attend the event and contribute to the biggest gathering of scientists and policy makers for HIV. 
  • A study analysed public health gatherings around the world found that fewer than four in 10 attendees of such events were from poorer nations (which have the highest burden of disease). 
  • In this interview, Bhekisisa’s Mia Malan speaks with Ayoade Alakija of the African Union’s African Vaccine Delivery Alliance. Alajika calls for global health meetings to be held in countries in the Global South so that people from the most affected nations aren’t locked out of the conversation.

Researchers have found that 96% of global health conferences happen in high- or middle-income countries. Less than four in 10 attendees at these gatherings are from poorer nations that have the highest burden of disease.
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