[ICYMI] South Africa moves down to level 1 — with restrictions

South Africa will most probably move down to lockdown level 1 tonight. Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa live.

Modern day slavery: ‘The girls trust the traffickers more than anyone’

For nearly three decades, a thriving sex-trafficking industry has been operating between Nigeria and Italy. Can this woman help break the chain?
[LISTEN] Health MEC: '#LifeEsidimeni families' voices were muffled’

[LISTEN] Health MEC: ‘#LifeEsidimeni families’ voices were muffled’

New Gauteng health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa speaks about the Life Esidimeni tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 94 mental health patients.

[WATCH] South Africa’s coronavirus outbreak: How it spreads and what to do about it

More than 100 cases of the new virus have been reported in South Africa. Find out what you can expect — and how to protect you and your family.

[ICYMI] Ramaphosa: 21 women, children killed in last two weeks

Ramaphosa's address comes just days after a new spate of high-profile murders of women allegedly by their partners.
[WATCH] Cancer care crisis in KwaZulu-Natal

[WATCH] Cancer care crisis in KwaZulu-Natal

Find out why cancer care in KwaZulu-Natal is on the brink of collapse.
command council coronavirus

[ICYMI] New lockdown laws: Informal food traders will open, COVID-19 close contacts traced with...

South Africa's Coronavirus National Command Council will update the nation on the revised lockdown regulations today, Thursday 2 April 2020.

[WATCH] ‘We are the problem.’ Why these men are taking a stronger stand against...

Addressing sexual and gender-based violence in communities means undoing years of harmful messaging around masculinity. Find out how these men are trying to bring solutions to the table, in our latest partnership with Eh!Woza.
Football is coming home at last: Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone

Football is coming home at last: Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone

After almost two years, the nation comes together to watch the national football team play its first match on home turf.

[ICYMI] Here’s what #Level3Lockdown will look like — and the entire SA gets it...

President Cyril Ramaphosa has met with the National Command Council, political parties and other stakeholders and is now ready to tell the country how lockdown regulations will be relaxed.
Non-lung TB

What can TB learn from HIV?

How HIV experts may be able to help crack the code and find SA's missing TB patients.

Smoking vs vaping: Which one is worse?

Is vaping really safer than smoking? Take a look at what we really know about the recent craze some say could help you quit smoking — and what’s behind the recent spate of vaping deaths abroad.

[ICYMI] SA moves to lockdown level 2, alcohol and tobacco sales unbanned

Most of the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the new coronavirus have been lifted. The 10pm to 4am curfew remains. Watch the President’s speech for more details.
Why some people may not be over the moon about menstrual cups

Why some people may not be over the moon about menstrual cups

Moon cups, reusable pads and period panties are all alternatives to disposable pads and tampons, but they may not work for everyone.
Infertility and tradition: 'Society thinks having children is your womanhood'

Infertility and tradition: ‘Society thinks having children is your womanhood’

We speak to a young, black woman who is infertile about the stigma she faces in her community.
Why you should care about SA's new border detention centres

Why you should care about SA’s new border detention centres

Civil society organisations warn that these centres could put migrants’ rights and health at risk. Joan van Dyk explains.