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Taking control: HIV self-test kits like this are already available at pharmacies in South Africa

HIV stigma: ‘The fear of being blamed for being different is too much to...

Aids is a mirror that reflects how we think about society. It exposes our prejudices and our lack of ability to embrace diversity.
Does going for "the snip" lead to risk disinhibition in men?

Medical male circumcision offers a gateway to HIV testing and medical check-ups

Circumcision can prevent thousands of HIV infections by 2030 at a relatively low cost, but the uptake has been slower than expected.
Community health workers didn't just provide at-home HIV testing. They went into schools to help teach young people sexual and reproductive health and encourage boys to get medically circumcised.

Too poor to care? The call for a minimum wage has exposed a sick...

Care workers may be the backbone of community health care but they sure aren’t paid like it
Could HIV treatment become as simple as a once-a-month injection?

Six ways ARVs can help to end Aids by 2030

Science knows more than ever about how to use HIV treatment to prevent new infections but will it be enough to end Aids?
What started as a bizarre press release touting a "potential HIV cure" has gone viral leading media houses all over the world to lash out over firm Zion Medical's latest claims.

South Africa on the cusp of HIV vaccine breakthrough

Recently the first participants in the HVTN 702 study received jabs of a vaccine that could stop HIV in its tracks
Sexual violence is rife in Khayelitsha primary schools

Will the government’s next HIV plan go far enough?

Activists need to pick their battles because a strategy that pleases everyone is doomed to fail
Since the early 2000s

Scientists have tools to fight HIV, but we need more

South Africa needs to increase its investment in science — if not, the country can’t beat HIV
Previous strikes at the National Health Laboratory Services have delayed test results for people living with HIV and women awaiting pap smear results.

Could we mass-produce HIV immunity?

One tiny protein may hold the secret to ending the HIV pandemic.
Where will newly qualified doctors go if provinces are being told to scale back staff under budget pressures?

Hundreds of medical graduates may be unemployed amid budget cuts

More than 200 newly qualified doctors may be left with worthless degrees if provinces can't raise funds for internship positions
Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.

Cancer and heart disease: Can alcohol help you or hurt you?

Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.
More than 876-million school-age children are at risk of becoming infected with potentially sight-stealing parasites.

A sight for sore eyes: Teachers test pupils’ eyes to keep them in school

Children need more than books to flourish at school. De-worming may be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase school participation in Africa.
Former miner Masiko Somi and his wife Magumede are part of the class action suit that looks to hold the gold mining industry accountable for its impacts on workers' health.

Court case could force gold industry to pay out miners’ daughters and wives

A high court has ruled that compensation to women who have to take care of sick miners could ease the gendered harms imposed by the industry.
Between Pravin Gordhan and South Africa's rural communities stands a long chain of decision makers that have may ultimately hold the real power about how money is allocated.

The ups and downs of community healthcare

Often medical help comes too late for people in rural areas but community health workers could change this
Free pads or free condoms? It's a false dichotomy when people with uteruses are the ones who need both.

Free pads versus free condoms: Why we can’t afford this debate

Why the debate misses the very gendered point in a country where people with uteruses remain disproportionally affected by HIV.
Promising Ebola vaccines languished for years in research and development for more than a decade without funding.

Money can’t be the only motive for developing life-saving medicines

Will the world act now to be ready for the next big outbreak?
South Africa legalised abortion decades ago but a lack of information on where to get one and health workers willing to terminate pregnancies still stand between people and safe abortions.

Medical conscientious objectors who scupper abortions deny women their rights

Conscientious objectors who refuse to perform abortions or related services for moral reasons may have become a law unto themselves.