Hypnosis is not just about making you cluck like a chicken

The truth is, the phenomenon is not the mystical and magical art many assume it is.

When mother is snatched away, Gogo picks up the pieces

South Africa's maternal mortality rate leaves the elderly to deal with its consequences, with many unable to keep up.

Drug row sparked by HIV spending

A new study to be conducted in South Africa, Uganda and India has sparked a heated debate in the HIV activist and research community.

Bhekisisa journalism fellowships

Bhekisisa's first fellowship is coming to end and fellow, Sydney Masinga, speaks about his experience. If you're an interested journalist apply now.

Comment: A chink in the armour of HIV

Media reports about HIV-infected people being cured of the virus should be read with caution but could these cases give us clues about an antidote?

Murder charges for botched circumcisions in Eastern Cape

Autopsy reports show that some of the 30 initiates who died last month in the Eastern Cape were assaulted by traditional surgeons.

Abused women in violent spiral

Situations can get worse for women who are battered by their intimate partners: research now shows they are at higher risk of contracting HIV.

Landmark treaty breaks down book barriers for the blind

Last week the World Intellectual Property Organisation announced copyright exceptions on materials for visually impaired people.

Comment: Our leaders must keep their word

Though progress has been made, Africa must continue the fight against Aids, TB and malaria.

Anger over drug access in TB trial

A new combination treatment has been tested in Southern Africa, but it is not available locally.