Motsoaledi frenzy over NHI

His reasoning has come in for much criticism, but the minister has no wish to continue the debate.

HPCSA’s inertia sinks foreign medics

Badly needed and eager to work here, their efforts are being thwarted by a bureaucratic quagmire.

Survey: Does the health department owe you money?

Does the health department owe you money as a supplier or servicer provider? We want to know about your experiences. Survey closes on Wednesday, 10am.

Social media fans suicidal fire

There is growing evidence which suggests interactions on social media sites like Facebook romanticise suicide for teenagers part of emo subcultures.

ARV-shortages uncovered: Bhekisisa director speaks on VoW FM

Bhekisisa director Mia Malan speaks on The Science Inside show about ARV shortages on Voice of Wits radio station.

Comment: This Valentine’s Day don’t ignore the screams next door

All sectors in society need to act to stop gender based violence say Sonke Gender Justice as they remember Reeva Steenkamp and Anene Booysen.

[From our archives] Aphrodisiacs? They’re touch and go

For added excitement and endurance in your sex life, maybe skip the sex drugs.

[From our archives] The downside of sex ‘enhancers’

There are many off the shelf products to help your sex life, but little is known about them – and their effects.

Women sick of inequality – literally

Research shows women are more likely to have high blood pressure and experts blame the added stress of unequal gender roles.

Physician, don’t fool yourself – Motsoaledi replies to NHI criticism

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi describes Dr Chris Archer's criticism of the national health insurance as ignorant at best.