Expanding contraceptive options for SA’s women

The long-acting implant contraceptive Jadelle is being made available at 50% of its original price to women in developing countries.

Economic policy: The poor still lose

Rural areas have always been at the bottom of the list when it comes to healthcare and expenditure.

Rape begets rape – SA’s brutal legacy

Studies show that men who themselves are victims are more likely to abuse women

Report shows SA meat products contain donkey, goat, buffalo

The discovery of horse in meat products sparked outrage across Europe and a new Stellenbosch University report has revealed similar findings in SA.

The right to life – and death

However much we abhor the idea, the choice is personal and should be respected

Immune boosters a risky letdown

Immune boosters should not be substituted for real medication. Yet the claims on their packaging may seduce and persuade consumers

Gender violence: Creating a new normal for South Africa’s men

The solution lays in addressing 'how we raise our boys' and "how we equip parents to be parents". But there's a long way to go.

Drop in infections follows ARVs’ success

ARVs have slowed down the rate of new HIV infections and increased the life expectancy of the general population in rural KZN

M&G Health Journalism Centre

Bhekisisa aims to improve health reporting not only at the M&G but also at media houses across the continent.

Doctors overcharge, say our readers

The <em>Mail & Guardian</em> asked readers what they think of doctors' tariffs in a survey on M&G Online.